Saturday, February 22, 2014

Miley Cyrus, Childhood Star Turns All The Way Up In Anaheim

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Miley gyrated,pulled and grabbed on her vagina as Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus looked on at her performance in Anaheim, California Thursday night. With all the things Miley's parents should be proud of, this in fact should not be one of them. It's sad that the future of our women or should I say "so called" women, are coming from the artist of today that are supposed to be role models to our young and impressionable sons and daughters. Instead of teaching a generation of young ladies on how to become young women, we are in fact raising a generation of soon to be old hoes. Being a stripper,a prostitute or twerking is not the definition of being a woman and it's not cute. So why are we now days glorifying the strippers, the hoeism? Has our society gotten so out of touch that we now do not know the difference between right and wrong? It is not the responsibility of the artist or entertainers to teach our children right from wrong, that is the sole responsibility of the parents. However, what is the Entertainers responsibility is not to promote the madness.. Ijs
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