Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Meet CEO of Khepera Records, Kimo Kaulani

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Meet Kimo Kaulani, CEO of Khepera Records, a division of Khepera Music Group and Marketing Arm "Lotus Mesia Design" Kimo comes to the table bringing knowledge and wisdom to anyone that comes encounter with him. Wellsink, had the pleasure of meeting Kimo a few months back when interviewing his artist Ruly Russo in Las Vegas before a show Ruly was to perform, and at that time, I got the sense of a very humbled man that appeared to be focused on his artist. Kimo knew early on in his journey that he never wanted to be the center of attention however,he found himself doing work with a variety of Artist. Wellsink was curious to know what was the pivotal moment for him when he absolutely knew that he wanted to become a producer. Kimo began to explain to Wellsink what it was that got him where he is today. in 1999, Kimo started his label with one artist by the name of Jerri King whom we all know today as being Kimo's business partner. Kimo described how he and Jerri had composed a song together and found himself building the foundation of Khepera Records, with no distribution at the time, however,Kimo knew he had an idea and would build off of his idea alone. In a short matter of time,the song Kimo and Jerri had composed found itself getting major support from WBLS and other surrounding Radio stations in areas such as Rhode Island, UK,Europe and Australia where their song remained on the top ten charts for a whooping 28 weeks. Kimo at the time had no idea how much hard work had to be implemented. Kimo advised Wellsink, that he started to make individual deals, encoding music in nine different formats, this was in fact how he became a important fixture with Sony Records, where he remained for seven years. Stating that his most memorable moments we're his learning experiences there with Sony, meeting all the great people he came in contact with as well as his new marketing skills. Kimo, went on to say that his greatest inspiration came from Quincy Jones, stating that " it's because of Quincy, that I am able to do what I love doing now" said Kimo, he also went on to say it was Clive Davis, Teddy Riley and the Timberland as producers that he draws his inspiration from, with even going as far as including Jay Z, Nas, Aretha Franklin, and Brian McKnight as artist that have brought something different to his life. With so much Wellsink wanting to ask Kimo, we needed to hear as a Producer, what his take on Hip-Hip now vs then was and Kimo simply had this to say " I think Hip-Hop has grown leaps and bounds,hip hop isn't going anywhere because it has been tapping into the youth. Hip-Hop then,had a message, It was "Black Rap" they were conscious in the things they were rapping about.. Beastie Boys had a great time, then you had the East vs West,which now is a lot less of the East and West with more real players in the game just simply wanting to put out good music" Kimo said, In a nutshell, it comes down to making money Kimo said,he also had this advice for anyone trying to get their music heard or simply trying to break through those industry doors " biggest mistake up and coming artist make, is being too much of in a rush" Kimo posses this question to up and coming artist "can you convey your message to the people through your music?" Kimo, went on to advise anyone serious about their craft, that you must do the social networking, put yourself out there,give people a reason to go out and purchase your CD, give people a reason to hear what you have to say. Kimo had some very wise words of wisdom as the time drew closer to end of the interview, stating he continues to learn daily, whether that be from a young child on down to the elderly, being in this industry is constant work and you must continually search for the answers to your questions because they are in fact out there to be found.. All you have to do is look. Khepera Music Group is a parrot Group of Khepera Sonic Flux Music, operating now for 14 years. Kimo would like to take this time to send a huge thank you to Quincy Jones, because of the sacrifices he has made and all the things Quincy had to endure to pave the way for Producers like Kimo and such other Producers, Kimo also took this time to acknowledge his artist Viktor Baby Aces, Sincere, Ruly Russo, Rob G, and last but not lease, Jerri King whom he started out with, with only a song an idea. Thank you for believing in me. Kimo also took the time to thank Corina out in Canada, Dj Barry King for being the very first DJ ever to play their music in the UK,Sean Ison out of Australia for placing major orders of Khepera Records/Audioblue Print Music. To find out more on Khepera Records or how to become a signed artist, or simply in need of a producer, please contact by emailing or
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