Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Keshia Wells aka Dj keno Joins Khepera Records, As Their Publicist.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Keshia Wells aka Dj keno joins forces with Khepera Music Group, A Division of Khepera Records, Whoms Marketing Arm Is Lotus Mesia Design 2/5/20014 Las Vegas,Nevada Wellsink"Raw and Uncut" Radio Published Writer, Blogger, Radio Host, Model,TV Producer, joins forces with Khepera Music Group as their new Publicist. Keshia, begins to write a new paragraph in her life as she takes on the role as Publicist to Up and coming Artists of Khepera Records,a division of Khepera Records Music Group, Marketing arm being Lotus Mesia Design. Keshia grew up in California, spending all of her childhood, going from one facility to another. Keshia would find herself spending four years in "CYA" California Youth Authority, with no one one on the outside to communicate with,Keshia found herself writing about her pain, troubles, and the experiences she had encountered as a trouble youth. It was at that time Keshia wrote a piece on "Alcohol and Drug abuse, the lasting affects on adolescent teens" That found it's way into the hands of Readers Digest" and was then published. Keshia knew at that time, writing was her first love and would pursue a career as a writer. As this had not been the first time she had been given recognition as a young author.Keshia also won first place prize at Evergreen Elementary School for writing the best poem book throughout the whole school. Keshia knew in her eminent future she would soon be writing her way into the homes of peoples heart and minds.Keshia found herself going to school studying the Medical profession where she then became a Medical Assistant caring for others, another passion that came deep for Keshia. Even though she enjoyed caring for the sick, she knew that there was still a void that wasn't being filled, so she had the bright idea to continue her education. It was at that time she reenrolled in school and began taking classes as a E.R. Tech and Journalism classes. By the time 2007 came around Keshia was now a E.R. Tech with a A.A. Degree in Journalism.Now,Keshia was on her way to implementing her dream. Moving to Las Vegas appeared to be the best move Keshia has made thus far, with Working under the directive of Blaque Technologies, Glaze Tv, Endeavor Media Group, writing articles on Camryn Levert, UGMX San Jose, Herman Caine, Twista, B-Hype The Verbal, Cherie Johnson, Andrea Dominique, and Many more, Keshia, quickly began to write articles for the Las Vegas Informer and VegasNewsReview, where she found herself writing articles on, John Travolta,Miley Cyrus,Chris Brown, Rhianna, Bobby Brown, Robin Roberts,Whitney Houston and many more names to list. It was when she became Associate Producer of a TV show airing in Las Vegas,Nevada " Let's Talk News Now" that Keshia decided to grab the bull by the horns and proceed even further in the industry by becoming a Radio Host, Hosting Wellsink raw and uncut on Hot101 to becoming a host of her on show, Wellsink raw and uncut on live365 interviewing Alist artist such as Screalla, former Member of Dipset, as well as CBS Affiliate and Author William Dean and many more. Keshia has not only showed the world that no matter what obstacles life may throw your way, if your motivated, ambitious, with any type of dream, you can excell, its up to you! Keshia wants anyone to know that has a dream " Never give up, because once you do that, you've already lost the fight" To find out more on Keshia Wells, writing follow her on -30-
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