Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Introducing Ricky Tr3y To The Hip Hop Community!

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Ricky Tr3y, comes to Wellsink, knowing exactly what direction he is in fact headed in. Ricky is a 22-year-old-young man, from Long Beach,California. Tr3y advises Wellsink that he wrote his very first rap at the age of ten and began performing in front of crowds at just a sophomore in high school. He went on to describe his first love, which in fact was acting, describing how their was a sound track for every fictitious movie he had created within his mind. Ricky found himself being very creative at an early age, knowing one day he would eventually step outside of his dreams, turning them into his reality. Tr3y always knew he wanted to be an Hip Hop artist, stating that he gravitates more to the "Hard Core" rap, staying away from rapping about gang activity and drugs, he finds other things to rap about such as the struggle, money, and anything else that motivates the people with a profound message. Currently, Ricky is employed at KJLH "Accelerated Radio" an online radio show founded by Kevin Nash. Ricky advised Wellsink, that he hopes to start his own record label one day, and hopes that the education he has received at the " Musician Institute" which is taught by members in the industry will be just the push he needs to get him going in the right direction. Tr3y has also Interned for "Gas Can Publishing" and looks forward to breaking in the industry any way that he can. "I love making music" said Ricky, Tr3y had some sound advice for anyone trying to do their thing in the music industry and that was to always be creative, there are a billion of people trying to break through, do something that will make you stand out from the rest. Ricky Tr3y wanted to take the time out to send a Shout out to his cousin Allatha for always believing in him as well as giving a shout out to Serene Team, to find out more about Ricky Tr3y,please visit his website at Rickytr3y.com http://kewellsink.blogspot.com
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