Monday, February 10, 2014

Introducing The Omni Rose

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The Omni Rose, is a 23-year-old Artist coming out of Chicago Illinois, The Omni Rose has stated that he has been interested in becoming a artist for what appears to be four years now. Stating that his inspiration came from a oddly unique place... A female wrestler of all things. Wellsink was curious to know what it was about this female wrestler that inspired him,and Omni stated " it was just the things that she was able to accomplish as a woman that inspired me" said Omni Rose When dealing with The Omni Rose, as a artist, you get the general idea that you are not dealing with a one genre type of a guy, no.. Not at all. This young man brings versatility to the table, with being musically inclined. The Omni Rose has stated that he enjoys listening to and even performing piano ballets as well as alternative rock. The Omni will not be generalized into one genre, because he can and will do it all. Omni Rose, just performed a show at "Club Fiz" in Chicago, where he rocked the mic, Omni has also collaborated with former member of "Dipset" Screalla and foresees him self doing future collabo's with names such as "Audio Slaves" and thinks that doing a collab with Rhianna would be an interesting mix. The Omni Rose, explained to Wellsink, just what collaborating with Screalla was like for him, stating " doing a collaboration with Screalla was different, it took me out of my comfort zone, but I found that I really liked the sound" said The Omni It was actually during that time that Omni realized that he was on the right path and realized that the music industry was the correct path that he was supposed to be on. When asking Omni what his take on the Hip-Hop industry now verses then was.. Omni simply replied that hip hop has indeed evolved in a good way and his only complaint being, he wished at times that it wasn't so explicit. Wellsink, certainly looks forward to hearing more from The Omni Rose, and can hardly wait to hear what Screalla and The Omni got cooking up. The Omni wanted to take this time to send a super shout out to Screalla and everyone who has showed support by going to his shows and watching his videos on YouTube. To learn more about The Omni Rose, please follow him on Ig:@theomnirose fb:The Omni Rose
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