Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Has The American People Embarked On The New World Order?!

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Picture a world without all of the luxuries that we as American People have become accustomed to. How would you feel if one day, you were asked to get a certain type of vaccination and when you refused to do so, you were rushed on a bus to whisk you away to a concentration camp, or what if you, in fact did get the vaccine, would you have then already condemned yourself? This is what one certain Government official had to say. Are things set to get so out of control that we are now embarking on Marshall Law? If so, what exactly does that mean for you and I? The photo above has illustrated what the device looks like that has been implemented to keep track of the American people. Yes, folks this is a real photo obtained by a U.S.Military Official, found on YouTube, desperately urging the people to opt out of getting the "Swine Flu Vaccine" which first series was introduced back in October and then again in November. Keep in mind that the source where this bit of information has came from has also stated that once getting the vaccine, you will be issued a bracelet that can not be removed, identifying that you have in fact been vaccinated, however this Official went on to say, that once given this vaccine, you have already condemned yourself. Please make no mistake about it, Wellsink surely does not make the news, we are merely here to report it and to keep the public aware of what's going on in the world, it is the sole responsibility of Wellsink to report to the people what has become imperative information for the citizens of America to know. Have we been bamboozled and is the blankets, covers, sheets and all been pulled over our eyes? I mean at some point people, we must begin to connect the dots.. President Regan and President Bush alike spoke of a NWO, have we under estimated our Government? Have they been holding some type of sinister plan against the people? And if so... Just how much time do we have before we begin to see mass chaos? Or are we now headed for a time that could be way far worse then the "Great Depression" ever was? And what will happen to those who have gained the world with all of their financial gains? Please don't take the word of Wellsink Raw and Uncut, we strongly advise you to do the math, do your own research, investigate the things that you hear and read, because..after all, isn't taking peoples word for face value what's gotten us where we are today?! Love your families, pray for your enemies and please everyone take care of yourself.. I guarantee you that what's being done in the "Dark" will soon surface to the light! Peace, love and safety to all.
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