Sunday, February 2, 2014

Char, Makeup Artist, Musician, and Trans-Gender

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21-year-old Char,from Alabama,sits down with Wellsink, and tells us, just what it is that makes her tick and what inspired her to do music. Char's passion for music came at an early age. Stating that she loved everything about Britney Spears,Char knew all to well that she could draw and she even knew how to dance, however states she just could not sing. It was her brother Titus, that got Char wanting to dibble in music, however Char, also knew she didn't have the confidence she needed to pursue a career in music. You see Char has something,must women trying to break through those industry door's don't have, Char was in fact born a man,Charzell Murphy. Even though Char knew she lacked the confidence of becoming a artist at that time,because after all,who wants to hear a man signing about another man right?"So she continued on with her creative side, drawing amongst other things. Until Char,moved from San Jose California, to the hot city of Atlanta, and it was there she discovered her love for being a Makeup Artist,with her sister being the one to put the very first to put a makeup brush and doll in her hands,she began to transform both women and men into works of art" it was the whole transformation thing that got me really interested in makeup, you know, waking up with the messy hair and plain face, I loved seeing how my sister looked so different after getting dressed,it was the whole transformation that impressed me" said, Char That's when things took a turn for Char, she began to perform drag, and won a few contest here and there. Currently working @ "Pleasure Me Eyelash and Makeup bar" and then championing with Jayzet for "Age No Factor" Wellsink needed to get a deeper look on being trans-gender and the stigma that follows it. " How hard was it for you coming out Char?" "Depending on who it was I told, it was extremely hard" said Char " When did you become aware of your sexuality Char?" " Well, for me, I knew at a early age, I didn't want to do all the things boys my age were doing,liking boys came natural for me" "was there ever a time that you were afraid to come out?" " yes, I was terrified of telling my mother and father, I mean there were people that knew, like my brother and step sister, you know I would get in to arguments and the name calling we start, so yeah, people knew" "What was your pivotal point Char, when you said enough is enough,I have to be me, I have to come out and let everyone know?" " I went to Job Corps, I wasn't around my mother, I wasn't around my father, it was just me, I was able to express myself freely, I shaved the sides of my head and dyed it red like Rhianna, Char chuckles" Char continued on to explain to Wellsink, how terrifying it is to come out, stating that, depending on who your telling it could become extremely difficult. However, Today Char seems to be doing just fine in her skin, not caring who knows about her sexuality. Wellsink asked Char what message does she want to be heard in doing this interview and her response was to " respect me whether I'm in drag or not because at the end of the day, I'm going to lay down with who I want to lay down with and I'm going to be happy." "What message do you have for anyone who may be going through the same thing Char?" "My advice would be,if you don't want to be unhappy and miserable,be real with yourself that's the realest thing you can do for yourself, if you don't want to hide and you can take the criticism, be real with yourself in order to make you happy" Char, feels with her overall professionalism,she's sure to create a whole new look for that special event.. Follow Char on Facebook, @ Charzell Murphy to see more of her great work.>
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