Monday, February 24, 2014

Twista Mourns The Death of Body Guard and Close Friend 6'9 aka Davy Easterling

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Another tragedy strikes the music industry as close friend and body guard of Rapper, Twista was found fatally shot and burned inside of a Chicago Apartment on Friday. Just prior to learning of the brutal death of Davy Easterling, Twista posted to Instagram and Twitter that 6'9 had been missing for days, urging anyone with information regarding his whereabouts to contact him. Easterling was found on the 8300 block of South Baker Ave, around 6am. Fire Fighter Officials have stated that the fire was in fact incendiary.. Meaning that the fire was started by the force of someone's hands. As of yet there has not been any indication on who the perpetrator is and the murder of 6'9 is still under investigation. Wow, when will all this violence end? Why are we losing so many of our men to street violence? Twists himself had this to say "#R.I.P. I have lost too many good friends to these streets" Wellsink, would like to send our prayers to the Davy family as well as Twista and friends.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Miley Cyrus, Childhood Star Turns All The Way Up In Anaheim

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Miley gyrated,pulled and grabbed on her vagina as Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus looked on at her performance in Anaheim, California Thursday night. With all the things Miley's parents should be proud of, this in fact should not be one of them. It's sad that the future of our women or should I say "so called" women, are coming from the artist of today that are supposed to be role models to our young and impressionable sons and daughters. Instead of teaching a generation of young ladies on how to become young women, we are in fact raising a generation of soon to be old hoes. Being a stripper,a prostitute or twerking is not the definition of being a woman and it's not cute. So why are we now days glorifying the strippers, the hoeism? Has our society gotten so out of touch that we now do not know the difference between right and wrong? It is not the responsibility of the artist or entertainers to teach our children right from wrong, that is the sole responsibility of the parents. However, what is the Entertainers responsibility is not to promote the madness.. Ijs

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Roy Jones, Continuing To Fight For What He Believes In, In And Out of The Ring

45-year-old, Roy Jones, first to ever win a Heavyweight title in 106 year's back in 2003. is now taking a swing at politics, as he climbs in the ring, to fight for Mayor,of the city of Pensacola located in Florida beginning next election. Jones feel's in today's society, there just isn't any real role models inside the homes of today's youth and states that he wants to be the one children draw inspiration from when they are not receiving that guidance inside the homes. Roy isn't kidding around about his new career path either, acquiring ten times the signature's he needed to make himself eligible 5,000 to be precise. Jones is sure that he can beat his opponent stating that " I've been opposed my whole life and I've always won" As we all know to be true. Good luck with your future endeavors Roy from all of us here @ Wellsink Raw and Uncut.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Has The American People Embarked On The New World Order?!

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Picture a world without all of the luxuries that we as American People have become accustomed to. How would you feel if one day, you were asked to get a certain type of vaccination and when you refused to do so, you were rushed on a bus to whisk you away to a concentration camp, or what if you, in fact did get the vaccine, would you have then already condemned yourself? This is what one certain Government official had to say. Are things set to get so out of control that we are now embarking on Marshall Law? If so, what exactly does that mean for you and I? The photo above has illustrated what the device looks like that has been implemented to keep track of the American people. Yes, folks this is a real photo obtained by a U.S.Military Official, found on YouTube, desperately urging the people to opt out of getting the "Swine Flu Vaccine" which first series was introduced back in October and then again in November. Keep in mind that the source where this bit of information has came from has also stated that once getting the vaccine, you will be issued a bracelet that can not be removed, identifying that you have in fact been vaccinated, however this Official went on to say, that once given this vaccine, you have already condemned yourself. Please make no mistake about it, Wellsink surely does not make the news, we are merely here to report it and to keep the public aware of what's going on in the world, it is the sole responsibility of Wellsink to report to the people what has become imperative information for the citizens of America to know. Have we been bamboozled and is the blankets, covers, sheets and all been pulled over our eyes? I mean at some point people, we must begin to connect the dots.. President Regan and President Bush alike spoke of a NWO, have we under estimated our Government? Have they been holding some type of sinister plan against the people? And if so... Just how much time do we have before we begin to see mass chaos? Or are we now headed for a time that could be way far worse then the "Great Depression" ever was? And what will happen to those who have gained the world with all of their financial gains? Please don't take the word of Wellsink Raw and Uncut, we strongly advise you to do the math, do your own research, investigate the things that you hear and read, because..after all, isn't taking peoples word for face value what's gotten us where we are today?! Love your families, pray for your enemies and please everyone take care of yourself.. I guarantee you that what's being done in the "Dark" will soon surface to the light! Peace, love and safety to all.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Round and Round..

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A merry go round, in which only I spin, wondering contemplating, on how this shit began.. Give me fifty feet.. I like need ma space.. Spittin when you talk, all up in my face.. Piranha your a gold fish.. You can't compete in this race.. They call me.. Hmm.. Whatcha call it? What's that there bank.. You see em everywhere, their all over the place.. Ching..Ching.. Oh yea.. It's that bank called "Chase".. That's where I'm runnnin' I'm in this paper race.. Onna paypa mission.. Like dat whino on the corna, in front of that liquor store.. He sits' in one place.. Just like him.. I gotta get get me a taste, of that realll.. Good life.. No time.. to waste, in ah hurry real fasss.. Please look at my face.. I ain't playin.. Please don't test me.. And that's all.. Imma say.

Will the Whoredashian Women, Opps, I Mean The Kardashian Women, Ever have Any Self Respect For Themselves?!

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Looks as if Khloe Kardashian, has made a speedy recovery in getting over Lamar Odom, being spotted on the dance floor with the Game last night, twerking on the Game as if he were the last Black man she may ever come encounter with again. It's sad to know that Khloe knew all too well about the demons Lamar had tucked nice and neatly away in his closet, but as soon as it got a little too hot in the kitchen, she decided to burn Lamar, no longer wanting to be his back bone. When Lamar's drug addiction became an open subject for the media and the public to criticize, Khloe, who once appeared to be so in love with Lamar, could no longer handle his addiction. What is it with these Kardashian womenfolk? Seems to me, the only one who has her head on tight is Kourtney. Even Kris, has some skeletons in her closet that she's trying to keep the hangers on.. Let's focus for just a second on all the rumors flying about that are suggesting that while she was married to Kim and Kourtney's father, she in fact had an affair with O.J. Simpson and Khloe, may in fact be the product of that affair. Let's not forget the fact that she Looks alot like O.J.. Could there be some truth in the whole affair bit.. And if so, we can certainly identity where Kim and Klohe get's their Whore tendencies from.. Smh.. One thing is a proven fact, is their love for the Mandingo.. Hey Khloe, it's called for better or worse, in sickness or in health. Guess your love, came with conditions, try not to leave the next brotha hanging because when you decide to link up with a black man, Your backbone better be strong! No weak shid allowed, can you dig it?!

Introducing Ricky Tr3y To The Hip Hop Community!

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Ricky Tr3y, comes to Wellsink, knowing exactly what direction he is in fact headed in. Ricky is a 22-year-old-young man, from Long Beach,California. Tr3y advises Wellsink that he wrote his very first rap at the age of ten and began performing in front of crowds at just a sophomore in high school. He went on to describe his first love, which in fact was acting, describing how their was a sound track for every fictitious movie he had created within his mind. Ricky found himself being very creative at an early age, knowing one day he would eventually step outside of his dreams, turning them into his reality. Tr3y always knew he wanted to be an Hip Hop artist, stating that he gravitates more to the "Hard Core" rap, staying away from rapping about gang activity and drugs, he finds other things to rap about such as the struggle, money, and anything else that motivates the people with a profound message. Currently, Ricky is employed at KJLH "Accelerated Radio" an online radio show founded by Kevin Nash. Ricky advised Wellsink, that he hopes to start his own record label one day, and hopes that the education he has received at the " Musician Institute" which is taught by members in the industry will be just the push he needs to get him going in the right direction. Tr3y has also Interned for "Gas Can Publishing" and looks forward to breaking in the industry any way that he can. "I love making music" said Ricky, Tr3y had some sound advice for anyone trying to do their thing in the music industry and that was to always be creative, there are a billion of people trying to break through, do something that will make you stand out from the rest. Ricky Tr3y wanted to take the time out to send a Shout out to his cousin Allatha for always believing in him as well as giving a shout out to Serene Team, to find out more about Ricky Tr3y,please visit his website at

Monday, February 10, 2014

Introducing The Omni Rose

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The Omni Rose, is a 23-year-old Artist coming out of Chicago Illinois, The Omni Rose has stated that he has been interested in becoming a artist for what appears to be four years now. Stating that his inspiration came from a oddly unique place... A female wrestler of all things. Wellsink was curious to know what it was about this female wrestler that inspired him,and Omni stated " it was just the things that she was able to accomplish as a woman that inspired me" said Omni Rose When dealing with The Omni Rose, as a artist, you get the general idea that you are not dealing with a one genre type of a guy, no.. Not at all. This young man brings versatility to the table, with being musically inclined. The Omni Rose has stated that he enjoys listening to and even performing piano ballets as well as alternative rock. The Omni will not be generalized into one genre, because he can and will do it all. Omni Rose, just performed a show at "Club Fiz" in Chicago, where he rocked the mic, Omni has also collaborated with former member of "Dipset" Screalla and foresees him self doing future collabo's with names such as "Audio Slaves" and thinks that doing a collab with Rhianna would be an interesting mix. The Omni Rose, explained to Wellsink, just what collaborating with Screalla was like for him, stating " doing a collaboration with Screalla was different, it took me out of my comfort zone, but I found that I really liked the sound" said The Omni It was actually during that time that Omni realized that he was on the right path and realized that the music industry was the correct path that he was supposed to be on. When asking Omni what his take on the Hip-Hop industry now verses then was.. Omni simply replied that hip hop has indeed evolved in a good way and his only complaint being, he wished at times that it wasn't so explicit. Wellsink, certainly looks forward to hearing more from The Omni Rose, and can hardly wait to hear what Screalla and The Omni got cooking up. The Omni wanted to take this time to send a super shout out to Screalla and everyone who has showed support by going to his shows and watching his videos on YouTube. To learn more about The Omni Rose, please follow him on Ig:@theomnirose fb:The Omni Rose

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Meet CEO of Khepera Records, Kimo Kaulani

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Meet Kimo Kaulani, CEO of Khepera Records, a division of Khepera Music Group and Marketing Arm "Lotus Mesia Design" Kimo comes to the table bringing knowledge and wisdom to anyone that comes encounter with him. Wellsink, had the pleasure of meeting Kimo a few months back when interviewing his artist Ruly Russo in Las Vegas before a show Ruly was to perform, and at that time, I got the sense of a very humbled man that appeared to be focused on his artist. Kimo knew early on in his journey that he never wanted to be the center of attention however,he found himself doing work with a variety of Artist. Wellsink was curious to know what was the pivotal moment for him when he absolutely knew that he wanted to become a producer. Kimo began to explain to Wellsink what it was that got him where he is today. in 1999, Kimo started his label with one artist by the name of Jerri King whom we all know today as being Kimo's business partner. Kimo described how he and Jerri had composed a song together and found himself building the foundation of Khepera Records, with no distribution at the time, however,Kimo knew he had an idea and would build off of his idea alone. In a short matter of time,the song Kimo and Jerri had composed found itself getting major support from WBLS and other surrounding Radio stations in areas such as Rhode Island, UK,Europe and Australia where their song remained on the top ten charts for a whooping 28 weeks. Kimo at the time had no idea how much hard work had to be implemented. Kimo advised Wellsink, that he started to make individual deals, encoding music in nine different formats, this was in fact how he became a important fixture with Sony Records, where he remained for seven years. Stating that his most memorable moments we're his learning experiences there with Sony, meeting all the great people he came in contact with as well as his new marketing skills. Kimo, went on to say that his greatest inspiration came from Quincy Jones, stating that " it's because of Quincy, that I am able to do what I love doing now" said Kimo, he also went on to say it was Clive Davis, Teddy Riley and the Timberland as producers that he draws his inspiration from, with even going as far as including Jay Z, Nas, Aretha Franklin, and Brian McKnight as artist that have brought something different to his life. With so much Wellsink wanting to ask Kimo, we needed to hear as a Producer, what his take on Hip-Hip now vs then was and Kimo simply had this to say " I think Hip-Hop has grown leaps and bounds,hip hop isn't going anywhere because it has been tapping into the youth. Hip-Hop then,had a message, It was "Black Rap" they were conscious in the things they were rapping about.. Beastie Boys had a great time, then you had the East vs West,which now is a lot less of the East and West with more real players in the game just simply wanting to put out good music" Kimo said, In a nutshell, it comes down to making money Kimo said,he also had this advice for anyone trying to get their music heard or simply trying to break through those industry doors " biggest mistake up and coming artist make, is being too much of in a rush" Kimo posses this question to up and coming artist "can you convey your message to the people through your music?" Kimo, went on to advise anyone serious about their craft, that you must do the social networking, put yourself out there,give people a reason to go out and purchase your CD, give people a reason to hear what you have to say. Kimo had some very wise words of wisdom as the time drew closer to end of the interview, stating he continues to learn daily, whether that be from a young child on down to the elderly, being in this industry is constant work and you must continually search for the answers to your questions because they are in fact out there to be found.. All you have to do is look. Khepera Music Group is a parrot Group of Khepera Sonic Flux Music, operating now for 14 years. Kimo would like to take this time to send a huge thank you to Quincy Jones, because of the sacrifices he has made and all the things Quincy had to endure to pave the way for Producers like Kimo and such other Producers, Kimo also took this time to acknowledge his artist Viktor Baby Aces, Sincere, Ruly Russo, Rob G, and last but not lease, Jerri King whom he started out with, with only a song an idea. Thank you for believing in me. Kimo also took the time to thank Corina out in Canada, Dj Barry King for being the very first DJ ever to play their music in the UK,Sean Ison out of Australia for placing major orders of Khepera Records/Audioblue Print Music. To find out more on Khepera Records or how to become a signed artist, or simply in need of a producer, please contact by emailing or

Keshia Wells aka Dj keno Joins Khepera Records, As Their Publicist.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Keshia Wells aka Dj keno joins forces with Khepera Music Group, A Division of Khepera Records, Whoms Marketing Arm Is Lotus Mesia Design 2/5/20014 Las Vegas,Nevada Wellsink"Raw and Uncut" Radio Published Writer, Blogger, Radio Host, Model,TV Producer, joins forces with Khepera Music Group as their new Publicist. Keshia, begins to write a new paragraph in her life as she takes on the role as Publicist to Up and coming Artists of Khepera Records,a division of Khepera Records Music Group, Marketing arm being Lotus Mesia Design. Keshia grew up in California, spending all of her childhood, going from one facility to another. Keshia would find herself spending four years in "CYA" California Youth Authority, with no one one on the outside to communicate with,Keshia found herself writing about her pain, troubles, and the experiences she had encountered as a trouble youth. It was at that time Keshia wrote a piece on "Alcohol and Drug abuse, the lasting affects on adolescent teens" That found it's way into the hands of Readers Digest" and was then published. Keshia knew at that time, writing was her first love and would pursue a career as a writer. As this had not been the first time she had been given recognition as a young author.Keshia also won first place prize at Evergreen Elementary School for writing the best poem book throughout the whole school. Keshia knew in her eminent future she would soon be writing her way into the homes of peoples heart and minds.Keshia found herself going to school studying the Medical profession where she then became a Medical Assistant caring for others, another passion that came deep for Keshia. Even though she enjoyed caring for the sick, she knew that there was still a void that wasn't being filled, so she had the bright idea to continue her education. It was at that time she reenrolled in school and began taking classes as a E.R. Tech and Journalism classes. By the time 2007 came around Keshia was now a E.R. Tech with a A.A. Degree in Journalism.Now,Keshia was on her way to implementing her dream. Moving to Las Vegas appeared to be the best move Keshia has made thus far, with Working under the directive of Blaque Technologies, Glaze Tv, Endeavor Media Group, writing articles on Camryn Levert, UGMX San Jose, Herman Caine, Twista, B-Hype The Verbal, Cherie Johnson, Andrea Dominique, and Many more, Keshia, quickly began to write articles for the Las Vegas Informer and VegasNewsReview, where she found herself writing articles on, John Travolta,Miley Cyrus,Chris Brown, Rhianna, Bobby Brown, Robin Roberts,Whitney Houston and many more names to list. It was when she became Associate Producer of a TV show airing in Las Vegas,Nevada " Let's Talk News Now" that Keshia decided to grab the bull by the horns and proceed even further in the industry by becoming a Radio Host, Hosting Wellsink raw and uncut on Hot101 to becoming a host of her on show, Wellsink raw and uncut on live365 interviewing Alist artist such as Screalla, former Member of Dipset, as well as CBS Affiliate and Author William Dean and many more. Keshia has not only showed the world that no matter what obstacles life may throw your way, if your motivated, ambitious, with any type of dream, you can excell, its up to you! Keshia wants anyone to know that has a dream " Never give up, because once you do that, you've already lost the fight" To find out more on Keshia Wells, writing follow her on -30-

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Char, Makeup Artist, Musician, and Trans-Gender

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21-year-old Char,from Alabama,sits down with Wellsink, and tells us, just what it is that makes her tick and what inspired her to do music. Char's passion for music came at an early age. Stating that she loved everything about Britney Spears,Char knew all to well that she could draw and she even knew how to dance, however states she just could not sing. It was her brother Titus, that got Char wanting to dibble in music, however Char, also knew she didn't have the confidence she needed to pursue a career in music. You see Char has something,must women trying to break through those industry door's don't have, Char was in fact born a man,Charzell Murphy. Even though Char knew she lacked the confidence of becoming a artist at that time,because after all,who wants to hear a man signing about another man right?"So she continued on with her creative side, drawing amongst other things. Until Char,moved from San Jose California, to the hot city of Atlanta, and it was there she discovered her love for being a Makeup Artist,with her sister being the one to put the very first to put a makeup brush and doll in her hands,she began to transform both women and men into works of art" it was the whole transformation thing that got me really interested in makeup, you know, waking up with the messy hair and plain face, I loved seeing how my sister looked so different after getting dressed,it was the whole transformation that impressed me" said, Char That's when things took a turn for Char, she began to perform drag, and won a few contest here and there. Currently working @ "Pleasure Me Eyelash and Makeup bar" and then championing with Jayzet for "Age No Factor" Wellsink needed to get a deeper look on being trans-gender and the stigma that follows it. " How hard was it for you coming out Char?" "Depending on who it was I told, it was extremely hard" said Char " When did you become aware of your sexuality Char?" " Well, for me, I knew at a early age, I didn't want to do all the things boys my age were doing,liking boys came natural for me" "was there ever a time that you were afraid to come out?" " yes, I was terrified of telling my mother and father, I mean there were people that knew, like my brother and step sister, you know I would get in to arguments and the name calling we start, so yeah, people knew" "What was your pivotal point Char, when you said enough is enough,I have to be me, I have to come out and let everyone know?" " I went to Job Corps, I wasn't around my mother, I wasn't around my father, it was just me, I was able to express myself freely, I shaved the sides of my head and dyed it red like Rhianna, Char chuckles" Char continued on to explain to Wellsink, how terrifying it is to come out, stating that, depending on who your telling it could become extremely difficult. However, Today Char seems to be doing just fine in her skin, not caring who knows about her sexuality. Wellsink asked Char what message does she want to be heard in doing this interview and her response was to " respect me whether I'm in drag or not because at the end of the day, I'm going to lay down with who I want to lay down with and I'm going to be happy." "What message do you have for anyone who may be going through the same thing Char?" "My advice would be,if you don't want to be unhappy and miserable,be real with yourself that's the realest thing you can do for yourself, if you don't want to hide and you can take the criticism, be real with yourself in order to make you happy" Char, feels with her overall professionalism,she's sure to create a whole new look for that special event.. Follow Char on Facebook, @ Charzell Murphy to see more of her great work.>

The Truth Will Be Revealed!! Will You Be Ready For It??

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