Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Young Jeezy, Arrested for Battery, False Imprisonment as Well As Making Terrorist Threats..

What.. Wait a minute, Young Jeezy turned himself in to officials on Friday, in Atlanta, for falae imprisonment, Battery and making terrorist threats against his own son back in 2012.
Allegedy, Jeezy and son got into a physical altercation, where Jezzy through his son against a glass shower door, in which his son then hit his head.
Reports state that, the altercation did not stop there.. Reportedly, Jeezy somehow managed to throw his son on the bed and began whooping his ass!
It has not been made clear what in fact started this altercation two years ago, however, what has been made clear, is Jeezy turned himself into authorities on Friday, after a grand jury issused warrarants for each charge.
Young Jeezy, bonded out shortly after for 45,000.
Jeezys Attorney issued a statement saying " They are sure this matter will resolve its self"
Good luck with that Young Jeezy, wishing you all the best from Wellsink

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