Monday, January 20, 2014

Sincere, Newly Signed Artist With Khepera Records, Gets Real With Wellsink

I have to say interviewing Artist, Sincere, took me on a whole new level of interviewing Khepera Records artist.
But before Wellsink, jumps in feet first, let's first get a general idea of who this gentlemen is.
Sincere grew up in San Bernadino,
Ca and is now residing in the city of San Diego.
Here's a 23-year-old young man who will be actually celebrating his 24th on February 8th.
When interviewing Sincere, it becomes as plan as day, that he's serious about his craft, with no time to play.
His passion for music came at the early age of five, when his cousin wrote his very first rap and had him recite it.
However, as Sincere explains it, he didn't become serious about the industry until he hit twenty, stating that, that's when he said " if I'm going to be good at something, why not it be music" With
Nas,Tupac, J. Cole, and Jay Z, being his greatest influence  he began to build up the confidence he needed to make his dream pop off.
Here's where the interview gets a little deep. When asked what his take on the industry was.. He stated " I have a real big opinion on the industry, I feel it has lost touch with the people, it kinda seems as if it's become a set, often mimicking a cult"
Wellsink was shocked by his response, you don't hear too many artist freely expressing thier opinion on just how far gone the industry has become. There was a time when Hip-Hop  music was all about sending a message, whether that message was good or bad, there was definitely a message..
Now days it's become more materialized, rapping about things that simply have no relevance at all in some Rappers cases.
So it was not hard to understand nor figure out what Sincere meant, when he stated "The people have become brainwashed"
Sincere was just that in speaking on the "Industry" and quite frankly made some very valid points.
He went on to tell Wellsink that Hip-Hop, today consist of artist speaking on pussy, weed, and money " what message is in that" Sincere said,
This young man had alot on his mind that he wanted to air out, going as far as speaking on , how other artist will like the music you've put out, but will neglect to admit it, because they want to be the number one artist keeping all the fans to themselves.
He expressed how Biggie and Pac went at it hard, and feels that Hip-Hop was actually built upon that beef type battle thing, and now it's just evolved to who can make the best single, "I want to battle someone," Sincere, clearly stated.
Wellsink also remembers a time when Artist would go toe to toe with one another with that lyrical heat, but just where did the beef get Biggie and Pac? Six feet under the ground.. That's where, yes a generation lost two Great Artist because of some so called "Hip-Hop beef"
Sincere, I'm not quite sure your generation is ready to face that in this rap game. Although Wellsink, understands your point of view, we do not want to see what happened to Pac on the Vegas strip happen to the Juicy J's or the Kendrick Lamar of your generation.
We refuse to see anyone else be laid to rest over this Rap game.. No one artist should lose thier life, doing something they greatly enjoy.
It was a pleasure interviewing Sincere, he brought the real to the table without sugar coating shit!
When asked what advice would he have for anyone trying to break through.. His answer was the realist thus far " Stay wit it, that's all I'm really doing, if everyone believed it was too hard, we would never get anywhere"
It is Wellsink sincere opinion, that Sincere came to conquer this interview, and that he did. Being as real and honest as he could possibly be, and although Wellsink, did not agree with Artist beefing with one another, he dotted some valid points.. Kudos for being real Sincere, no fun intended.
Sincere has newly signed with Khepera Records, and has yet a ways to go in this industry, but what you can count on in dealing with Sincere, is that he's REAL and that in itself speaks volumes.
Sincere, also sends a huge shout out to those people who played a pivotal role in making his dreams become a reality,
Bakes, Kimo, Ceo of Khepera Records, J Watt,(Engineer) Chelly Jane, the only female singer on his album, Deven Cannon, and Billie Knight.. And with that being said Sincere,
You've gained a fan here at Wellsink Raw and Uncut..
To hear any of Sinceres music visit his website at.


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