Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rapper, Lil Za, Goes To Jail In Justin Biebers Raid!

Lil Za was apparently arrested in Justin Biebers, raid and is claiming, that this is a race related issue.
Lil Za, claims the only reason he was even arrested was because the color of his skin and the position that he is in.
It's hard to say if this was or was not race related, however what has been made clear, is Justin was not arrested.While that is neither here or there, you guys that are in the position to do something positive and productive.. It seems as though you are doing the complete opposite.
Wellsink, isn't saying that anyine certain artist are in fact role models because, it is Wellsink opinion that these artist and entertainers are in fact..human, liable to make a mistake at any given time. Your life is being judged more then anyones!
If you guys are out there doing your thang.. At least be discrete about whatever it is your doing..
Don't give ANYONE, the ammunition they may need to bring you under fire.
Food fa thought for the young artist out there doing thier thing..
These other youngstahs are trying and wanting to emulate the lifestyles that you guys are living, just keep that in mind.
Wellsink, wishes Lil Za, the best of luck in his legal matters.

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