Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Artist "Zay" Steps Into The Spotlight..

Artist, Zay, orginates from Gary Indiana, but is surly making his mark in the Chicago areas. With his single "Confidence" mixtape, Featuring, King Louie being aired on 92.3 F.M. In Chicago.
In talking to " Zay" you get the feeling that your dealing  with a very driven individual.
This 22-year-old ambitous young man, has only just begun, and doesn't appear to be quitting any time soon..
Zay knew  at an early age that, he had a desire for music, for him, it came as second nature, Zay, thought back to a time in his childhood, were the soulful notes, being blurted out by the
"Temptations" were the only sounds he could remember..
He even went on to describe, just how hard it is to break through those"Industry Bars"
" "It's very hard, I know Artist that are signed to labels currently.. and it's hard for them as well..
In speaking with Zay you understand that he is ambitious and driven, not at all cockey nor was he irogant in any way..
Wellsink, asked Zay was he looking to be signed to anyone any time soon and his response was, "I'm really at this point, just focusing on perfecting my craft, and if it happens along the way, then that's fine, however,I'm not really there yet.."
Gotta love the confidence this young man displays, he has all the makings of going, all the way to the top, performing with names such as " King Louie", "Freddie Gibbs" and "Pink" with all three Artist being  out of Chicago, Zay has even done some work with the Grammy Nominee/Producer, Russell W. Howard, who produced the S.Carter song.
It's going to be interesting to hear what Zay got slapin on his first "Flood" mixtape album, that's droppin in June..Be sure to keep ya ears tuned in for that when it drops. 
Wellsink, had to ask Zay, what his opinion on 
Hip-Hop now verses then was,and he said 
" It really depends on a persons individual choice, but all in all, 
Hop has progressed, and with that being said, I'll end with, baby...still all wet behind the ears.. what he know about 
Hip~hop then.. to learn more on how you can hear what 
Zays slappin, Please visit him 
@ htt:// http

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