Wednesday, January 29, 2014

An Interview With Up and Coming , Artist, Rob G

Meet Rob G, newly signed artists with Khepera Records. Today he sits down with Wellsink to talk about what it's been like for him, while breaking through those industry doors.
Rob G, is a 21-year-old- man, who currently is residing in San Diego.
Rob G, begin to have an itch for music at the ripe age of 10, with his brother Anthony being his biggest inspiration. Rob stated " I was impressed how people could express themselves in the form of music," he expressed how he wasn't good at drawing or painting "but I was talented when it came to music" Rob G said,
Rob doesn't want to be known as just a Hip-Hop artist, because he is musically inclined.
Rob G, went on to say, that he can adapt to any type of music going as far as saying that in the near future, he could see himself doing collaborations with an R and B artists as well as a Country singer. In speaking with Rob G, you certainly feel, just how humble he is, and for Wellsink, that always leaves room for the question, where does these artists draw that energy from? and when asking Rob G just that, his answer was as humble as he is, stating
" God has always come first in my life, I'm a god fearing man" Rob G said,
Rob G, has just finished his single "Do-Dat" feat. EZ from the Finatticz, which will be released within the next couple of weeks,followed up with a video which will be played on Vevo. Rob G, has also done collaborations with" Cold Flamez" called I like the way she do it. It was interesting to hear who he wanted to collab with in the future, with his number one pick being Meek Mill, secondary choice being Problem,and thirdly, Dizzy Wright here in Las Vegas.
Rob G, spoke on how and what it takes to break through those industry doors stating " it takes alot of hard work and dedication, I pray to the lord. I use to pray every night that the lord will continue to bless me"
When asked how he felt regarding the industry, his answer was real " honestly there will never be another Biggie or Pac, but the truth of the matter is, I'm tired of people putting down the artist of today, people like different things, different styles of music" Rob G said, even continuing on to say " I know for me, one minute I can listen to Kendrick Lamar and a hour later be on that YG hype, it's just a personal preference"
Rob G, also stated he liked the different hooks and verses that artist bring to the table and to answer your question, Hip-Hop has changed alot, but in This young mans opinion, that surely doesn't make it a bad thing.
Rob's advice to anyone trying to break through them doors, is always keep god first, and to keep in mind that there will always be someone out there who doesn't want you to Excel, but don't give up. Rob G wanted to end the interview by giving those who helped him along the way and believed in his dream,
mother and father Lydia Medina, and Kevin Graves, his two brothers Anthony and Nick, as well as Jackie Bernabei, Kimo K, Ceo of Khepera Records, Dee Jay Billie Knight as well as Brendan Kragel.
To find out more about Rob G, follow him on
Twitter @Official _RobG
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