Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kim Kardashian, calls Kayne To Be Captain Save Ah Hoe!

Well it appears that Kim Kardashian, list of haters, continues to grow. While visiting a Doctors office in Beverly Hills, Kim K ran into a photographer, who apparently was trying to help her in the building before he began ranting at on goers calling them niggers.. Kim quickly jumped to the on goers defense. Here's where it gets sour for Kim.
The photographer called her a "Slut" and a nigger lover, and said "I will kill you" somehow in the middle of the photographers ranting and raving, Kim phoned Kayne, who then barged through the Doctors office door and punched the photographer, right there in the Physicians waiting room. This can't be good for West as he's already facing assault charges on another photographer. Surely, this incident will be used to show the judge that he has a pattern with displaying this kind of behavior. And as for Kim K.. The photographer had at least one thing right.. She's had more turns then a door knob.. Hey Kim, Sorry that photographer told you the truth.. Your reputation proceeds you.

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