Monday, January 13, 2014

Hate Kills, Stop Wearing It As An Accessory!!

Have you ever pursued a dream, only to find out that somewhere in the dark was a nightmare to be discovered? I have, three years ago Wellsink moved to Las Vegas, in hopes of turning dreams into a reality.
Doing all Wellsink could to get reconized, that dream came a reality, Wellsink was in no way prepared to meet the hate of diffrent faces, coming from all races, as Wellsink began to travel in life to diffrent places.
I would have to say to anyone that's trying to make their mark on this world..not to let anyone discourage you from your ultimate goal, whatever that may be.
People will dislike you no matter what your doing, and just as many will love you for the message that your sending out.
I've learned through all of this, that hate comes in MANY diffrent forms, from that spouse who just couldn't live up to the lifestyle you yourself is trying to embark on, on down to that friend/foe that's mad you've accomplished what they simply couldn't.
Some people will not know that they have displayed hate,because they wear it so well it becomes an everyday accessory.
I've never been one to wish bad, or even be jealous of the next chic or what the next chic had or has, because just like she made it happen, I can make it pop too, so why be jealous or envious of the next man or woman? That only makes you... A weak link.
People now days be sippin on that hater~aid watered down with bullshit!
Don't be one of the ones so focused on what the next person is doing that you forget to do you..No one likes a green eyed monster,especially one that had the same opportunity as you.. Be a congratulater..never a hata..
Remember.. Hate kills.
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