Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bow Wow Done Phucked Around And Has Gotten Himself Fired From 106 & Park B.E.T, You'll Never Believe Why!!

Allegedly, Bow Wow, has gotten terminated from 106 &Park B.E.T for allegedly paying his $30,000  child support bill on B.E.T's company expense card, which by the way was supposed to be for travel and wardrobe.
Shad Moss aka Bow Wow, was terminated hours ago when company Senior Accountant, Roger P, discovered something just wasn't adding up.
Roger seemed to be very upset, stating " I don't care what video vixen Bow Wow, skeeted in, B.E.T money is just that  B.E.T's money," said Roger P..
The Senior Accountant, also went on to say "I'm driving a Honda, while his daughter, got a Toy Bentley for Christmas..ain't that a bitch," said Roger.
B.E.T. Plans on airing re-runs until they can find a replacement for Bow Wow.
Wow, is about the correct word for this situation, I guess Bow Wow, said Phuck it.. I'll pay what is due, but B.E.T. It's all on you.
Bow Wow, you's ah nut for this one..
I'm sure him nor his daughter will not miss any meals due to being terminated, however, what could very well easily happen, is B.E.T.
Suing The Bow at a price that could make him go "Wow"!!
Wellsink will keep you posted.
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