Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bitch! And I Dare Ya!!

Man.. Don"t test me, im not wrapped to tight.. I don't bring tongue wrestling..when i go to ah fight.. Imma feed you this medicine..by the end of the night, standing in ya window, blinds open and all.. Baby got his head pushed against the screen..lil man bout to fall..
Bitch.. How dare you make that phone  call!! Yep I can feel it.. It's goin down tonight, that was some real bitch shit and you know this right..
Now you ah damsel in distress, trying ta avoid this fight.. Ima putcha to sleep, bitch it's time fa night..nite..
Funny.. Two..seconds ago you were ah lil bit boulder..Guess, I mimicked Wells Fargo, and shut cha down, like ah landlord, that went in forclosure..
It's goin down..yes it is.. And i do mean tanight!, Will ii end up in jail?..
Yep,I just might..
Have ya peekin outcha side window, all got damñ night..
See, in ya backyard tryin ta hop that fence..
No need ta panic.. I'll bury the evidence..
Bish too slow.. Can't.. Get ova the fence..
Oww..ah.. O..I'm..bouta commence.. Beatin ya ass.. All inta this fence..
Whew..What ah night..gotta,..turn this shit..
Bitch..and I dareya.. Ta try mr again.
Keshia Wells

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