Friday, January 17, 2014

Baby Aces is Making His Mark on The World With Khepera Records!

New Comer "Baby Aces" $its down with Wellsink "Raw and Uncut" Radio, to tell us what he has cooking on the burner next.
But first, let's take a look at just who is Baby Aces.
He began in a small group, with each members name resembling names from the card deck, Hence, this is how the stage name "Baby Aces" came to be..
Aces orginates from the Bay Area and somehow found his way to Fairfield, Ca it was there he began to gravitate towards the Music Genre, " You know, you had the dance boys as well as the taggers doing their thing, and I had Music" said Aces.
Aces, went on to tell Wellsink, why it was that he he wanted to pursue a music career 
"I needed other ways to ask a girl out and thought hey
I can just put it in a song" said, Aces, as he laughed a lively laugh. 
This bubbly young gentleman, had much to say, and it was very apparent, that this young artist really enjoys the work he does. Aces started out in the business, ghost writing music for others. 
Aces advised Wellsink, before facebook, 
I was literally Myspace famous for no reason, as he chuckles to himself again.. 
"I was friends with alot of Producers on 
Myspace, and they would ask me if I was doing music, because even then, my numbers and fan base was like crazy' Baby Aces, informed Wellsink, that Mr. Fab has been a huge inspiration on his music and Aces even went on to say that it has been the og's in the industry that he draws inspiration from. 
Currently, Aces has a track out with Baby Bash called turbulence, that will be out later this year.As it stands now, aces is in negotiations to start touring, although nothing as been set in stone quite yet. 
Collaborating with names such as, 
Gabe Schillinger, whom has done work with Ray j, Messy Marv, and the Jacka.
When asked how working with Khepera 
Records and it's owner Kimo Kaulani, 
Aces had this to say,"working with Kimo has really helped me grow as an artist, 
Kimo has also taught me to appreciate the value of my own music as well as my self worth" said, Baby Aces. 
This young man has all the makings of going straight to the top, with the postive energy and talent Baby Aces displays, he is for sure a talent we all need to keep our eyes on. 
For more information on how to book 
Baby Aces visit his web sites 
 Twitter @babyaces
Instagram babyaces 

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