Wednesday, January 29, 2014

An Interview With Up and Coming , Artist, Rob G

Meet Rob G, newly signed artists with Khepera Records. Today he sits down with Wellsink to talk about what it's been like for him, while breaking through those industry doors.
Rob G, is a 21-year-old- man, who currently is residing in San Diego.
Rob G, begin to have an itch for music at the ripe age of 10, with his brother Anthony being his biggest inspiration. Rob stated " I was impressed how people could express themselves in the form of music," he expressed how he wasn't good at drawing or painting "but I was talented when it came to music" Rob G said,
Rob doesn't want to be known as just a Hip-Hop artist, because he is musically inclined.
Rob G, went on to say, that he can adapt to any type of music going as far as saying that in the near future, he could see himself doing collaborations with an R and B artists as well as a Country singer. In speaking with Rob G, you certainly feel, just how humble he is, and for Wellsink, that always leaves room for the question, where does these artists draw that energy from? and when asking Rob G just that, his answer was as humble as he is, stating
" God has always come first in my life, I'm a god fearing man" Rob G said,
Rob G, has just finished his single "Do-Dat" feat. EZ from the Finatticz, which will be released within the next couple of weeks,followed up with a video which will be played on Vevo. Rob G, has also done collaborations with" Cold Flamez" called I like the way she do it. It was interesting to hear who he wanted to collab with in the future, with his number one pick being Meek Mill, secondary choice being Problem,and thirdly, Dizzy Wright here in Las Vegas.
Rob G, spoke on how and what it takes to break through those industry doors stating " it takes alot of hard work and dedication, I pray to the lord. I use to pray every night that the lord will continue to bless me"
When asked how he felt regarding the industry, his answer was real " honestly there will never be another Biggie or Pac, but the truth of the matter is, I'm tired of people putting down the artist of today, people like different things, different styles of music" Rob G said, even continuing on to say " I know for me, one minute I can listen to Kendrick Lamar and a hour later be on that YG hype, it's just a personal preference"
Rob G, also stated he liked the different hooks and verses that artist bring to the table and to answer your question, Hip-Hop has changed alot, but in This young mans opinion, that surely doesn't make it a bad thing.
Rob's advice to anyone trying to break through them doors, is always keep god first, and to keep in mind that there will always be someone out there who doesn't want you to Excel, but don't give up. Rob G wanted to end the interview by giving those who helped him along the way and believed in his dream,
mother and father Lydia Medina, and Kevin Graves, his two brothers Anthony and Nick, as well as Jackie Bernabei, Kimo K, Ceo of Khepera Records, Dee Jay Billie Knight as well as Brendan Kragel.
To find out more about Rob G, follow him on
Twitter @Official _RobG
Fb robgmusic

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bow Wow Done Phucked Around And Has Gotten Himself Fired From 106 & Park B.E.T, You'll Never Believe Why!!

Allegedly, Bow Wow, has gotten terminated from 106 &Park B.E.T for allegedly paying his $30,000  child support bill on B.E.T's company expense card, which by the way was supposed to be for travel and wardrobe.
Shad Moss aka Bow Wow, was terminated hours ago when company Senior Accountant, Roger P, discovered something just wasn't adding up.
Roger seemed to be very upset, stating " I don't care what video vixen Bow Wow, skeeted in, B.E.T money is just that  B.E.T's money," said Roger P..
The Senior Accountant, also went on to say "I'm driving a Honda, while his daughter, got a Toy Bentley for Christmas..ain't that a bitch," said Roger.
B.E.T. Plans on airing re-runs until they can find a replacement for Bow Wow.
Wow, is about the correct word for this situation, I guess Bow Wow, said Phuck it.. I'll pay what is due, but B.E.T. It's all on you.
Bow Wow, you's ah nut for this one..
I'm sure him nor his daughter will not miss any meals due to being terminated, however, what could very well easily happen, is B.E.T.
Suing The Bow at a price that could make him go "Wow"!!
Wellsink will keep you posted.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bitch! And I Dare Ya!!

Man.. Don"t test me, im not wrapped to tight.. I don't bring tongue wrestling..when i go to ah fight.. Imma feed you this the end of the night, standing in ya window, blinds open and all.. Baby got his head pushed against the screen..lil man bout to fall..
Bitch.. How dare you make that phone  call!! Yep I can feel it.. It's goin down tonight, that was some real bitch shit and you know this right..
Now you ah damsel in distress, trying ta avoid this fight.. Ima putcha to sleep, bitch it's time fa night..nite..
Funny.. Two..seconds ago you were ah lil bit boulder..Guess, I mimicked Wells Fargo, and shut cha down, like ah landlord, that went in forclosure..
It's goin down..yes it is.. And i do mean tanight!, Will ii end up in jail?..
Yep,I just might..
Have ya peekin outcha side window, all got damñ night..
See, in ya backyard tryin ta hop that fence..
No need ta panic.. I'll bury the evidence..
Bish too slow.. Can't.. Get ova the fence..
Oww..ah.. O..I'm..bouta commence.. Beatin ya ass.. All inta this fence..
Whew..What ah night..gotta,..turn this shit..
Bitch..and I dareya.. Ta try mr again.
Keshia Wells

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sincere, Newly Signed Artist With Khepera Records, Gets Real With Wellsink

I have to say interviewing Artist, Sincere, took me on a whole new level of interviewing Khepera Records artist.
But before Wellsink, jumps in feet first, let's first get a general idea of who this gentlemen is.
Sincere grew up in San Bernadino,
Ca and is now residing in the city of San Diego.
Here's a 23-year-old young man who will be actually celebrating his 24th on February 8th.
When interviewing Sincere, it becomes as plan as day, that he's serious about his craft, with no time to play.
His passion for music came at the early age of five, when his cousin wrote his very first rap and had him recite it.
However, as Sincere explains it, he didn't become serious about the industry until he hit twenty, stating that, that's when he said " if I'm going to be good at something, why not it be music" With
Nas,Tupac, J. Cole, and Jay Z, being his greatest influence  he began to build up the confidence he needed to make his dream pop off.
Here's where the interview gets a little deep. When asked what his take on the industry was.. He stated " I have a real big opinion on the industry, I feel it has lost touch with the people, it kinda seems as if it's become a set, often mimicking a cult"
Wellsink was shocked by his response, you don't hear too many artist freely expressing thier opinion on just how far gone the industry has become. There was a time when Hip-Hop  music was all about sending a message, whether that message was good or bad, there was definitely a message..
Now days it's become more materialized, rapping about things that simply have no relevance at all in some Rappers cases.
So it was not hard to understand nor figure out what Sincere meant, when he stated "The people have become brainwashed"
Sincere was just that in speaking on the "Industry" and quite frankly made some very valid points.
He went on to tell Wellsink that Hip-Hop, today consist of artist speaking on pussy, weed, and money " what message is in that" Sincere said,
This young man had alot on his mind that he wanted to air out, going as far as speaking on , how other artist will like the music you've put out, but will neglect to admit it, because they want to be the number one artist keeping all the fans to themselves.
He expressed how Biggie and Pac went at it hard, and feels that Hip-Hop was actually built upon that beef type battle thing, and now it's just evolved to who can make the best single, "I want to battle someone," Sincere, clearly stated.
Wellsink also remembers a time when Artist would go toe to toe with one another with that lyrical heat, but just where did the beef get Biggie and Pac? Six feet under the ground.. That's where, yes a generation lost two Great Artist because of some so called "Hip-Hop beef"
Sincere, I'm not quite sure your generation is ready to face that in this rap game. Although Wellsink, understands your point of view, we do not want to see what happened to Pac on the Vegas strip happen to the Juicy J's or the Kendrick Lamar of your generation.
We refuse to see anyone else be laid to rest over this Rap game.. No one artist should lose thier life, doing something they greatly enjoy.
It was a pleasure interviewing Sincere, he brought the real to the table without sugar coating shit!
When asked what advice would he have for anyone trying to break through.. His answer was the realist thus far " Stay wit it, that's all I'm really doing, if everyone believed it was too hard, we would never get anywhere"
It is Wellsink sincere opinion, that Sincere came to conquer this interview, and that he did. Being as real and honest as he could possibly be, and although Wellsink, did not agree with Artist beefing with one another, he dotted some valid points.. Kudos for being real Sincere, no fun intended.
Sincere has newly signed with Khepera Records, and has yet a ways to go in this industry, but what you can count on in dealing with Sincere, is that he's REAL and that in itself speaks volumes.
Sincere, also sends a huge shout out to those people who played a pivotal role in making his dreams become a reality,
Bakes, Kimo, Ceo of Khepera Records, J Watt,(Engineer) Chelly Jane, the only female singer on his album, Deven Cannon, and Billie Knight.. And with that being said Sincere,
You've gained a fan here at Wellsink Raw and Uncut..
To hear any of Sinceres music visit his website at.


Friday, January 17, 2014

Baby Aces is Making His Mark on The World With Khepera Records!

New Comer "Baby Aces" $its down with Wellsink "Raw and Uncut" Radio, to tell us what he has cooking on the burner next.
But first, let's take a look at just who is Baby Aces.
He began in a small group, with each members name resembling names from the card deck, Hence, this is how the stage name "Baby Aces" came to be..
Aces orginates from the Bay Area and somehow found his way to Fairfield, Ca it was there he began to gravitate towards the Music Genre, " You know, you had the dance boys as well as the taggers doing their thing, and I had Music" said Aces.
Aces, went on to tell Wellsink, why it was that he he wanted to pursue a music career 
"I needed other ways to ask a girl out and thought hey
I can just put it in a song" said, Aces, as he laughed a lively laugh. 
This bubbly young gentleman, had much to say, and it was very apparent, that this young artist really enjoys the work he does. Aces started out in the business, ghost writing music for others. 
Aces advised Wellsink, before facebook, 
I was literally Myspace famous for no reason, as he chuckles to himself again.. 
"I was friends with alot of Producers on 
Myspace, and they would ask me if I was doing music, because even then, my numbers and fan base was like crazy' Baby Aces, informed Wellsink, that Mr. Fab has been a huge inspiration on his music and Aces even went on to say that it has been the og's in the industry that he draws inspiration from. 
Currently, Aces has a track out with Baby Bash called turbulence, that will be out later this year.As it stands now, aces is in negotiations to start touring, although nothing as been set in stone quite yet. 
Collaborating with names such as, 
Gabe Schillinger, whom has done work with Ray j, Messy Marv, and the Jacka.
When asked how working with Khepera 
Records and it's owner Kimo Kaulani, 
Aces had this to say,"working with Kimo has really helped me grow as an artist, 
Kimo has also taught me to appreciate the value of my own music as well as my self worth" said, Baby Aces. 
This young man has all the makings of going straight to the top, with the postive energy and talent Baby Aces displays, he is for sure a talent we all need to keep our eyes on. 
For more information on how to book 
Baby Aces visit his web sites 
 Twitter @babyaces
Instagram babyaces 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rapper, Lil Za, Goes To Jail In Justin Biebers Raid!

Lil Za was apparently arrested in Justin Biebers, raid and is claiming, that this is a race related issue.
Lil Za, claims the only reason he was even arrested was because the color of his skin and the position that he is in.
It's hard to say if this was or was not race related, however what has been made clear, is Justin was not arrested.While that is neither here or there, you guys that are in the position to do something positive and productive.. It seems as though you are doing the complete opposite.
Wellsink, isn't saying that anyine certain artist are in fact role models because, it is Wellsink opinion that these artist and entertainers are in fact..human, liable to make a mistake at any given time. Your life is being judged more then anyones!
If you guys are out there doing your thang.. At least be discrete about whatever it is your doing..
Don't give ANYONE, the ammunition they may need to bring you under fire.
Food fa thought for the young artist out there doing thier thing..
These other youngstahs are trying and wanting to emulate the lifestyles that you guys are living, just keep that in mind.
Wellsink, wishes Lil Za, the best of luck in his legal matters.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Artist "Zay" Steps Into The Spotlight..

Artist, Zay, orginates from Gary Indiana, but is surly making his mark in the Chicago areas. With his single "Confidence" mixtape, Featuring, King Louie being aired on 92.3 F.M. In Chicago.
In talking to " Zay" you get the feeling that your dealing  with a very driven individual.
This 22-year-old ambitous young man, has only just begun, and doesn't appear to be quitting any time soon..
Zay knew  at an early age that, he had a desire for music, for him, it came as second nature, Zay, thought back to a time in his childhood, were the soulful notes, being blurted out by the
"Temptations" were the only sounds he could remember..
He even went on to describe, just how hard it is to break through those"Industry Bars"
" "It's very hard, I know Artist that are signed to labels currently.. and it's hard for them as well..
In speaking with Zay you understand that he is ambitious and driven, not at all cockey nor was he irogant in any way..
Wellsink, asked Zay was he looking to be signed to anyone any time soon and his response was, "I'm really at this point, just focusing on perfecting my craft, and if it happens along the way, then that's fine, however,I'm not really there yet.."
Gotta love the confidence this young man displays, he has all the makings of going, all the way to the top, performing with names such as " King Louie", "Freddie Gibbs" and "Pink" with all three Artist being  out of Chicago, Zay has even done some work with the Grammy Nominee/Producer, Russell W. Howard, who produced the S.Carter song.
It's going to be interesting to hear what Zay got slapin on his first "Flood" mixtape album, that's droppin in June..Be sure to keep ya ears tuned in for that when it drops. 
Wellsink, had to ask Zay, what his opinion on 
Hip-Hop now verses then was,and he said 
" It really depends on a persons individual choice, but all in all, 
Hop has progressed, and with that being said, I'll end with, baby...still all wet behind the ears.. what he know about 
Hip~hop then.. to learn more on how you can hear what 
Zays slappin, Please visit him 
@ htt:// http

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kim Kardashian, calls Kayne To Be Captain Save Ah Hoe!

Well it appears that Kim Kardashian, list of haters, continues to grow. While visiting a Doctors office in Beverly Hills, Kim K ran into a photographer, who apparently was trying to help her in the building before he began ranting at on goers calling them niggers.. Kim quickly jumped to the on goers defense. Here's where it gets sour for Kim.
The photographer called her a "Slut" and a nigger lover, and said "I will kill you" somehow in the middle of the photographers ranting and raving, Kim phoned Kayne, who then barged through the Doctors office door and punched the photographer, right there in the Physicians waiting room. This can't be good for West as he's already facing assault charges on another photographer. Surely, this incident will be used to show the judge that he has a pattern with displaying this kind of behavior. And as for Kim K.. The photographer had at least one thing right.. She's had more turns then a door knob.. Hey Kim, Sorry that photographer told you the truth.. Your reputation proceeds you.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hate Kills, Stop Wearing It As An Accessory!!

Have you ever pursued a dream, only to find out that somewhere in the dark was a nightmare to be discovered? I have, three years ago Wellsink moved to Las Vegas, in hopes of turning dreams into a reality.
Doing all Wellsink could to get reconized, that dream came a reality, Wellsink was in no way prepared to meet the hate of diffrent faces, coming from all races, as Wellsink began to travel in life to diffrent places.
I would have to say to anyone that's trying to make their mark on this world..not to let anyone discourage you from your ultimate goal, whatever that may be.
People will dislike you no matter what your doing, and just as many will love you for the message that your sending out.
I've learned through all of this, that hate comes in MANY diffrent forms, from that spouse who just couldn't live up to the lifestyle you yourself is trying to embark on, on down to that friend/foe that's mad you've accomplished what they simply couldn't.
Some people will not know that they have displayed hate,because they wear it so well it becomes an everyday accessory.
I've never been one to wish bad, or even be jealous of the next chic or what the next chic had or has, because just like she made it happen, I can make it pop too, so why be jealous or envious of the next man or woman? That only makes you... A weak link.
People now days be sippin on that hater~aid watered down with bullshit!
Don't be one of the ones so focused on what the next person is doing that you forget to do you..No one likes a green eyed monster,especially one that had the same opportunity as you.. Be a congratulater..never a hata..
Remember.. Hate kills.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Young Jeezy, Arrested for Battery, False Imprisonment as Well As Making Terrorist Threats..

What.. Wait a minute, Young Jeezy turned himself in to officials on Friday, in Atlanta, for falae imprisonment, Battery and making terrorist threats against his own son back in 2012.
Allegedy, Jeezy and son got into a physical altercation, where Jezzy through his son against a glass shower door, in which his son then hit his head.
Reports state that, the altercation did not stop there.. Reportedly, Jeezy somehow managed to throw his son on the bed and began whooping his ass!
It has not been made clear what in fact started this altercation two years ago, however, what has been made clear, is Jeezy turned himself into authorities on Friday, after a grand jury issused warrarants for each charge.
Young Jeezy, bonded out shortly after for 45,000.
Jeezys Attorney issued a statement saying " They are sure this matter will resolve its self"
Good luck with that Young Jeezy, wishing you all the best from Wellsink

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Are Artist "Dying" to Break Into The Music Industry? R.I.P. " Jamal Fox

The Music Industry suffers yet another lost.
According to New York, Daily, Former G~Unit member "Jamal Fox"  was gun down by a masked gunmann, while sitting in his SUV, late  Friday afternoon, in "St Albas" of Queens, New York
Fox, was 42-years-of-age at his time of death.
I guess my question would be, are artist "dying" to break into the music industry, only to be found dead. What is going on to where we keep losing these artist and entertainers?
It goes back to that age old saying " Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it"
Sending prayers out to the Fox family, here at Wellsink.

The Truth Will Be Revealed!! Will You Be Ready For It??

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