Friday, November 28, 2014

Bill Cosby In A Not So Funny Situation..

   Former supermodel Janice Dickinson, has also came forward on November. 18, 2014 to add fuel to an already burning flame.
Telling In Touch Magazine" I'm speaking out for all the women that are too scared or embarrassed by what Bill Cosby did to them"
Dickinson, 59, claims that back in 1982 Cosby also drugged and rapped her claiming that " the last thing she remembered was Bill wearning a patchwork robe and dis-robbing himself and climbing on top of her," said Janice
This in fact was kept out of her Memoir due to her ghost writer, Pablo Fenjves, telling Dickinson that the publishers would not allow that bit of info in the book.
Cosby's Reps are stating that Dickinson's story contradicts what's in the Memoir.
Other women such as Carla Ferrigno, Lou Ferrigno's wife, Therese Serignese, (actress) Louisa Mortiz and Angela Leslie (Nurse) have also come forward with similar allegations against Cosby.
His career is done!! An NBC Sitcom development has been cancelled as well as his scheduled show on November. 28 at the Treasure Island Casino, located in Las Vegas, has also been cancelled as well as T.V. Land pulling all reruns of The Cosby Show off air..
Well.. It sure sucks to be Bill Cosby these days.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

"When It Comes To Inquiring Minds, The People, Want To Know.. All There Is To Know, About The Carter Family, Will A "Tell All Book?" Give The Public What They Want?

Will the Celebrity biographer, J. Randy Taraborrelli, reveal the most intimate parts of Jay Z, and Beyonce's, very private lives? InTouch Magazine, seems to think so, claiming that the Carter family, is now in a panic, as employees, friends, and family, begin to talk, for a "Tell all Book" Biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli, has also taken a deeper look, insides the lives of the, legendary, Michael Jackson and is working on Madonna as well. Taraborrelli, is gearing up to interviewing anyone that is close to Beyonce, family not included, InTouch, sources have stated. Feeling that, Beyonces father, Matthew, is a ticking tomb, sources have stated, and his termination from being the Manger of his rising daughter, in 2011, may be "Just Cause" for him to speak out, about what he knows. Welp, J. Randy Taraborrelli, I for one think, your playing with fire,🐲 but if its the heat that keeps you warm at night, Then by all means, go right ahead and get burnt!! Http://

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tupac Shakur, Has He Returned From The Grave? If So, When Will He..Show His Face To The World!!

The legend has risen from the dead, to take his claim back on this world. Is it pure fact!? Or merely fiction, surrounded by smokes and screens? If you are a TRUE Tupac fan, then you should already know, that there were and still are so many inconsistency's surrounding Pac's death. The "no open casket" thing has always left me dazed and confused. One would have to think "Here is a legend, loved by so many, why not have an open casket for the ones who loved him so immensely?" But just as Shakur was loved, he was also hated by many, and wanted by law enforcement. Those who didn't want Tupac to excel in his life would have done almost anything to sabotage his name, for instance, let me take you back to the early "90's" when he was being accused of rape. Rape? Really? This was a man who loved women, spoke up for his women, took care of his women and even wrote of the Black woman, that was caught up in the struggle. Wellsink, had the opportunity to met Tupac Shakur, back in 1992, at a weekend "Summer Jam" and what I felt from this legend, was not a sense of fear, but rather quite the opposite. He was loving, and kind, he spoke with respect, and he absolutely, never came across arrogant or boastful, but humble and meek. The media tried to make him out to be a monster, when in fact.. He was no such thing. Tupac, told the world, just what his plains were for his future, when he changed his name to "MAKAVELI" he spoke Non~Verbally, but no one was listening.. My ears were open then, and my mind is open now. TMZ, back in 2009, also agreed that Shakur was alive!! It has been Wellsink's opinion then, and is still my opinion now, that Shakur was and is still alive and breathing!! And when he DOES re-surface.. He's comin' back with a vengeance and "He won't be playin' no games wit these nigga's!!" Oh wee, I for one will be the first to say " I told you so"

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Is It True That Bruce Jenner, Really Wants To Be A Woman?! By The Looks Of Things, I'd Say So!!

Reportedly, last year in 2013,Bruce Jenner, was in fact, spotted leaving a clinic, after receiving some type of surgery to his throat. Did he in fact go through with the Tracheal Procedure? I mean why else would this famous athlete be all bandage up by the throat? Maybe the rumors were right, and Jenner does in fact wants to become a "man made woman" reducing the size of his Adams apple, would be the first step to take in doing so. Jenner, now 65-years-old, can be spotted combing the bright sunny streets of California, with his long flowing hair, gobbling down a ripe banana. Bruce, for his 65th, birthday on Tuesday, in Malibu, went out and treated himself to a much needed manicure, with red being his color of choice. Hey there's nothing more a girl rather enjoys, then sitting in a salon shop, getting pampered. And allegedly, Jenner went even further, sources have stated that,he is now asking to be called Bridgette.
Alrighty then Bruce..
Hey Jenner, one quick question for you " are your daughters to call you Bridgette as well?" How confused will these young ladies be..ijs

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Did Former NFL, Minnesota Vikings,Hank Baskett Cheat On Kendra Wilkinson, With Transsexual, Ava Masaniai-Sabrina??!?!

With the tabloids floating around all this business surrounding Hanks, cheating not cheating, it's no wonder how all of this has left Former Playboy Bunny, Kendra Wilkinson, in a cloud of smoke and confusion. Hank is seriously being accused of cheating on Kendra, with Transsexual, Ava Masaniai-Sabrina, back in April. Hank, has yet to confirm or deny these allegations, leaving Wilkinson feeling like.. Just who the hell "did I marry" It's completely heart wrenching to see Kendra on such an emotional rollercoaster on her hit series, " Kendra On Top" Hank, has been dodging Wilkinson's question about the allegations, as if he were playing a game of dodge ball. Reportedly, Baskett reached out to transvestite Ava, back in April via her YouTube channel. Ava, claims that there was no sexual intercourse, however Hank did in fact pay her $500 for the intimate moment they shared, claiming that " he had never been with a Transsexual before" The people are curious to know Hank.. If there was no " Hanky Panky" involved, then why on Gods green earth was money exchanged? Kendra, posed a very good question to Baskett on the October. 17th episode of "Kendra On top" clearly wanting to know, if she was the only person who was supposed to believe in his innocence, and the answer was Cleary yes. Listen, Hank.. I could care less if you like being sucked or suckin on long pipe by men who dress up as women, Cleary that's a personal preference and by all means, the choice is yours. The problem begins when you start to partake in homosexual activities and neglect to tell the woman that you are married to, not giving her the option to pull out of the situation or stick it out with you. That's where things get difficult for Kendra, not to mention all the chaos this may cause for your children. Kendra, is looking for answers, and she wants them sooner then later or I can guarantee you.. You'll have alot more day's, where the public will see you balled up in fetal position, ballin' your eyes out.. Get to spitting the truth, or plain and simple.. Get out!! I can almost assure you, that's exactly what's going on in Wilkinson's mind. It's going to be interesting to see how this play's out..

Monday, October 13, 2014

Meet Jason Swanston, Owner/Creator Of OVNIO Network, Changing The Way You View Television, One Channel At A Time!

Jason originates from Harlem. New York, other known as"Uptown" This 38-year-old business man is making huge leaps and bounds.
At 17-years-of age, Jason began his internship at Columbia. University.
 it was there he learned various software applications, animations, as well as broadcast technology.. Jason has brought to the world, what Mark Walberg brought to the Facebook. A new way that the world is viewing television. While others may be sitting on great ideas, this energetic gentlemen, is busy turning his dreams into a reality. Picture a world of technology, that is able to stream a live event such as a Pro fighting match on down to a live music concert to 120 million mobile phones and an additional 100 million tablets across the world. What a cool idea right? When you combine social networking, pay per view events, and the ability to buy products directly from from a commercials, with little to no buffering at all, You end up with the OVNIO Network. OVNIO, Subscribers, can literally watch live TV from their mobile, tablet, as well as laptop. And just in case you were wondering just what OVNIO stands for.. Well Jason has summed that up into five big words " Open Vision Network International Online" Programs that can currently be found on OVNIO are feature films, documentaries, short films, reality shows, sitcoms, competitions, news, live events and more. Swanston hopped in this game, strapped with the know how and knowledge to get him just where he needs to be, and when asked what was the pivotal moment when Jason knew he was on the right track, he stated " that moment came for me when. CMO, IBM, advised me that my technology was worth, one trillion dollars," Currently, there are over 100 niche channels, including Hip-Hop as well as Country music channels.. To log in to OVNIO, make sure you are utilizing Google Chrome or Fire Fox, Safari users will be readily available Dec 31st.
At the conclusion of this interview, Jason wanted to thank God and all his ancestors that died for trying to read in the early 1800 and 1900's To learn more on steaming a channel on OVINO Please contact and log onto

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Artist Revelation, Reveals, Just What It Takes To Obtain The Success He's Now Achieved!!

Revelation stands front and center, just as he is here illustrated in the photo above. Climbing his way to the top and barring none while doing so. This energetic young man originates from "Annaiston'. Alabama other known as "Anna~dope" in which Revelation wanted the reader's to know.
Rev,started writing music as early as ten year's-of-age and then began to perform at the age of 11 , explaining to "Wellsink" that it was in fact, his brother, who had him open his eyes to a whole new way of performing.
Revelation has been givin' the people what they want to hear for over 17 years, drawing inspiration from names such as Outkast, The Dungeon Family, The Outlawz, and a Host of other artist that's major an independent.
Revelation, reveals nothing but realism's, with every lyric he spits out, and brings nothing but a sense of comfort and humbleness, when in his presence or in speaking with this young man.
One can quickly come to understand that the message Revelation brings to the people, is a profound one, and a message that can be felt as well as heard, in listening to his music.
Yes, my friends, Revelation is on the rise and making moves and fast like too, recently collaborating with "Carey Kelly", the brother of R. Kelly on the track "12 Rounds" in which "BET" and "MTV"will be featuring the video, in the near future.
Currently, Revelation is signed to "Makaveli Music Group/Wealth Nation/Universal Music Group/Island Def Jam/Def Jam/Slave Music Ent...
When asked how hard it was for him to break through those industry doors, Revelation had this to say " it was real hard breaking through. I had to perform at a lot of talent shows, I had to do a lot of networking, going out to different clubs and events, See, you have to realize that I began performing at the the age of 10, and I haven't looked back"
The work these artist put in may look easy, however nothing could be further from the truth, " I had to pay for thing's out of my own pocket, and I don't regret any of it.. it humbled me, it made me who I am today, and not just as a artist as a person as well" said Revelation
Wellsink, was curious to know Rev's intake on Hip~Hop today vs. Yesterday and he stated " everyone is talking about the same thing.. Real killa's don't talk about it, they be about it. And rich people don't have to talk about the money they have, because the rich people don't want anyone to know how much money they got anyways," said Revelation
Leave it to Rev, to kick the real around the block, for these lame niccas to bounce around..
During the conclusion of this interview, Revelation took the opportunity to thank God first, his family, friends and fans concluding with this last statement " Put all of your love ones in one basket, everyone must be equal and of one accordance if you want to succeed in life"
As in Rev's word's "Real spill!!"
With that being said, be on the look out for Revelation's Mix tape "Non-Believer's"
Pre-Sale begins 10/14/2014
In stores 10/28/2014
To find out where you can hear Revelation's music, please visit

Monday, September 29, 2014

Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa!! Say The Phuck It Isn't So!!

30-year-old, Rose and Wiz have officially called it quits, and their fans are whispering " say it isn't so" Rose and Khalifa, have been known for keeping their relationship as well as Sebastian, out of the publics eye, " maybe learning from their moguls, Beyonce and Jay Z" Nonetheless, the news has their fans in a up-roar, refusing to believe that the " Romeo and Juliet" of this Industry.. Time is up, and has officially clocked out of this job! Well damn, who next? Mariah and Nick Cannon?? Ohhh.. Wait a minute.. That's last weeks news.. Reportedly, insiders have informed Tmz, that Khalifa, moved out of the home that Amber, Wiz, and Sebastian share, reporting to sources that he " Just didn't want to be married to her anymore" Sources claim, Wiz moved out, weeks prior to Amber filing for divorce earlier this week. We here at Wellsink, hope to see this couple here.. Work it out, your fans, friends, family and peers are all wishing the best for the both of you.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Gritz GMG, From Twista's GMG Label, Digs Real Deep Off Into His Newly Released Track, "Push"

Gritz grew up on the rough streets of Chicago. Illinois, singing in the church choir. One would think that singing in the church choir, may have been what prepared him for the music industry today. Nothing could be further from the truth,Gritz stated to WRUR " I didn't realize that I could carry a tune, until the age of 16. Being featured on songs such as "Want me" and "Me and You" by B-Hype The Verbal, (also apart of Twista's camp" has surely given the people, especially the ladies.. Something to make love to. Gritz, brings all his sexy, to the newly, released, track "Push" Penetrating your ear lobe deep, with every melody he beats out. Gritz, has already captivated so many hearts, with his songbird of a voice, leaving women, ready to re-explore, what made them fall In love with the father of their children in the first place. Gritz summed this interview up with a bit of, word for the wise " Never give up, no matter how hard things get, when a opportunity presents itself.. Take it!! Place your mind on the longevity of things" and when asked, if he'd like to take this opportunity and S/O anyone, he stated, " Twista, for allowing him this great opportunity, His brother, Timothy Matthews, Demetrius Crawley, as well as Christopher.
Gritz GMG, went on to say.. "Stay tuned" for his Mixtape
#Pengamesick For all booking inquiries, please visit..
And to hear more of Gritz GMG, please visit.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Get Real Or Get Lost, Is What I Gotta Say To You, Phuckin' Wit Me. Ya Balls Ah Stay Blue🎶

Pssst.. Hey you, come here, lemme whisper some bullshit up in ya left ear.. I'm yo itch.. This ya pussi, baby is that whatcha wanna hear? Run ya bath water, fill ya belly.. Bring you ya beer.. Late night clubbin, groupie women.. Get the phuch outta here. I go from 0- see- damn 10 done already got here!! My name is Keshia Wells, I don't wallow in fear.. If I get too damn mad.. I might shed a tear.. That's ya first clue.. That dam-age is near. You got what you wanted.. My hearts cold as ice.. Hold up.. Wait a minute.. Don't bet on my love, You'll be rollin fake dice! A piece of this this p...y??? Not even ah slice.. I phucks wit grown men, who ain't Nathan nice.. Phucks wit long dough.. And don't nothin bling but ice.. Get real or get lost.. is whatta gotta say to you.. Phuckin wita chic like me.. Ya balls ah stay blue!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wrapped Them Roots Round You!!

Lately, I've been feelin'.. Like seriously? WTF!! Like I'm jus..plum dumb.. Shid.. Outta luck.. Spinnin' ma wheels, and now I'm just stuck.. Wellll.. Breath in.. Let..that..shid..out! Thought process on dry.. Bish mind onna drout! Always on edge, is this what it's about? Ihateu.. Livin' ah lie, Nota truth, it's.. Up~$et~ting me. Can't believe what you hear, ELEVATE cha mind.. And let that be.. Your re~al~ity! Tired of being stepped on, in this in~dus~try.. But it's my passion, and I'm it's prisoner, it..won'! Tired of niccas, phuck ah fake friend.. I'm bout ta go BEAST!! Too real fa the games,.. Don't try to "P" Ke.. Seen the smokescreens.. You tried blowin over.. On me. How did this become a real live.. Nightmare, wit Freddie chasing me.. Scared to close my eyes, I might fall asleep, end up dead.. Stankin.. Like.. Phuckin..raw meat. I'm not soft nor fluffy, leave that fa the sheep, Ima wolf phuh nice.. I'll leave that fa the weak.. On ma name you bet not speak!! Imma vengeful bish, betta watch what chew eat! Good to bad, right to wrong, but don't nodcha head, cause this ain't no damn song! Been nice too long, always wore a peaceful face, phuck you.. Phuch you too bitch! " Can you keep up" in ma race!! Step back, step up, jus do whatchew gone do.. Just know.. Once I'm gone.. I've wrapped them roots.. Round you!!!😈

Monday, September 15, 2014

Kim Kardashian, Trades In, Sisters And Mother, To Began Her Own Empire With Kanye At Lease That's What Life&Style Magazine Feels..

Kim Kardashian, has always been the lease favorite of the Kardashian sisters, and after reading this, you may begin to feel the exact same way. Kim appears to be letting her marriage to Rap Star, Kayne West, go to her head, because get this, back on September. 2 in London, a presenter mistakenly forgot to add West to the end of Kardashian, and she allegedly got her panties balled up in a notch. But it doesn't end there, sources state that backstage, Kanye got so pissed, and threw a tantrum, claiming " Her name was wrong on the teleprompters, too!" Prior to Kim and West getting married, their claim to fame was to be the "Ultimate Power Couple" (wait a minute, I thought we left that job to Beyonce and Jay Z, some years ago now.. But okay) These two need a real life Ego check, because I for one, think's, Kim's head is getting bigger then her fake ass (fun intended) Shid has gotten so bad, even Kim's sister's and mother, are now claiming that they want nothing to do with Kim, feeling that Kim, is all about Kanye and Self. And doesn't care who's toes she has to step on in order to get what she wants. The Kardashian's feel that Kanye is too controlling towards their family, at times, often dictating to the family what to wear.. "It's always been known that Kim is the Money Maker of this family, but now.. She's doing whatever West tells her to do and slowly slipping away from the show, claims a second source. Kim..Kim..Kim, it's even been rumored that in a conference meeting, with a room full of people, you actually refused to let anyone make eye contact with you, unless you initiated it. You Done lost yo gotdamn mind!! And if I were siblings and mother, I'd have to let you hang yourself with your own rope!! First rule of thumb baby.. Family first, a man will "Cum and Go" ( something you should be very familiar with) but your family.. Your family are the ones who you'll go running home to, to pick up your scrambled pieces.. Ijs.. Something to think about.
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Grip Aka Da BodyRocka, Sittin' On Dynamite,On The Verge Of Explosions!!

Grip originates from everywhere, when asked why from everywhere, he simply had this to say " Basically, I've lived everywhere, and I can go back to anywhere I've gone" Grip has been hitting the industry hard with his hits,since 2006, with his late father being his biggest inspiration, Advising Wellsink that his father had his own band, and he use to watch his father practice every night. " I got to see it live," said, Grip
The BodyRocka's passion for music began at a early age, when his mother had him playing the piano as well as the guitar.
Wellsink, had the pleasure of interviewing Grip back in March and was curious to know what he's had up his sleeves lately,
" I've been grinding and working hard on my mixtape, Explosions that just dropped on 9/11" which can be found on Datpiff.
The BodyRocka, has also been working on his EP "Sumthn Serious" in which his track "Doin Numbers" was just released. With all that's going on in Grips life, Wellsink found ourselves asking the Bodyrocka how, can we keep up with his dance contest that's currently going on, in which Grip states," all you gotta do, is make that ass pop to the song, can you keep up that can be downloaded on Reverberation." and submit your video to

With the BodyRocka's tracks "Can you keep up" and "Doin Numbers" making its way to Coast to Coast, Grip is sure to captivate the ladies with his riveting voice and is sure to keep the fellas head nodding.
Wellsink asked Grip, who can he see himself doing collaborations with and he named, names such as Trina, Dj Dirty Money and went on to say " basically, there are a host of names I'd like to collaborate
with in the very near future" said, Grip
It was Fight Night in Vegas and Wellsink, was near concluding the interview, when the BodyRocka, took that time to send a huge Shout Out to his family, his Manager, Keshia Wells, Krix, Dj Dirty Money, Tear Drop,WWUG Nu Guy Tone, my boi, Mr. Craz, my promoter, Sheena Parker, and all my fans and great support system, without that, none of this would be possible.
To learn where you can listen to any of Grip Aka Da BodyRocka Music please visit
And For all Booking Inquiries,

Friday, September 12, 2014

NFL Running Back, Adrian Peterson Indicted In Felony Child Abuse Case

Peterson has been charged with injury to a child, causing the Montgomery County, Texas, Sheriffs Office to issue a warrant out for his arrest. No further details have been disclosed regarding what led up to the charge. Peterson's Attorney issued a statement saying that the " charged conduct involved a switch, in which he used to discipline his son, much like he had experienced while he was coming up as a child." Peterson will travel to Houston, Texas, it is at that time he will be posting bond as soon as it can be arranged. With all the killing's and so forth brought on by the hands of our youth today, these children need to be disciplined, then maybe we would see less disrespectful children, who hold morals and values about themselves. Take away the parents right to discipline a child and what you have left.. Is a world full of unruly children, that will ultimately one day turn into unruly adults.. Ijs

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Phaedra Parks Husband From" Real Housewives Of Atlanta," Forces His Way In Home And Goes Ballistic On Phaedra!

TMZ reported Wednesday that Apollo Nida, in fact was on his way to report for his eight year bid for check fraud and money laundering. When all of a sudden Apollo had second thoughts, with that second thought being to pull up to the home that Parks and Nida share together. Forcing his way into the home, ranting and raving, allegedly because Parks refused to put money on his books or bring his children to visit him while he was incarcerated, asking Phaedra" What the f..k is the matter with you? Call the police. I dare you" Sources told TMZ that Apollo was demanding property and went upstairs and started bagging his shit!!And get this.. It was all caught on camera. Well damn Phaedra, looks like the Entertainment/Sports Lawyer, just may be in need of a Divorce Lawyer, however, the way thing's are in this day and age.. Eight years is a long time to be locked down.. Wellsink can betcha bottom dollar that this marriage was over within 8 seconds after getting wind Apollo had that stretch to do..Ijs.. Some women just don't play that. Good luck. Apollo and Phaedra!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Ray Rice, Running Back Or Woman Beater Is The Question.. You Be The Judge?!?!

27-year-old Raymell Mourice Rice, and " Running Back" for the Baltimore Ravens, may be in more trouble then originally reported. Since TMZ released that very telling video of R.Rice, striking his then fiancee' so hard to the point of unconsciousness. Yet another, elevator video that has gone completely viral. You would think that this 3x NFL Top 100 player, would have enough sense to strictly keep his hands on the ball and not the likes of his wife's face, and to do anything different, could ultimately mean the end of his career. Rice has been arrested, which in turn, indicted for 3rd degree Aggravated Assault back in March of 2014, Where at that time, he was being accused of punching his then girlfriend unconscious. WTF!!! "And now your his wife?" Does anyone else feel that the now 'Wife" shouldn't pretend to be such the victim?? And that some of this problem lyes at her front door, for knowing the kind of man she said " I do to" and proceeding with the wedding.
Never will Wellsink ever condone any type of violence, however if you see those red flags.. That's the first indication to let you know, that at that next green light.. Your ass better go!! And fast like too!! One form of punishment could mean, deactivating Rice from every game, but don't be surprised, if Baltimore Ravens, removes Ray completely sources state.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Gucci Mane, Scheduled To Be Released 12 Months Early!

Allegedly, court documents are stating that after Mane's initial sentencing, an Atlanta Judge has given Gucci credit for the time that he has served since his original gun possession charges that led up to his arrest back in September 2013. Mane's 39 month sentence was scheduled to begin in August of 2014, however, that sentence will now begin at the time of his arrest.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

X Factor, Simone Battle Dies At The Young Age Of 25

X Factor, Simone Battle, dies at the age of 25, and some reports are stating, that suicide was the factor that exed Battle out! Simone was found hanging from a rod, located inside of her bedroom closet, early Friday morning. 25-year-old Battle was a singer, in the all girl group"GRL" A spin off from the "Pussycat Dolls" Simone had signed on with the group after making her appearance on X Factor. L.A. County Coroners office has stated that Battles autopsy has not been completed yet, Story Developing....

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ciara and Future Has Called It Quit Indifinitely!!!!

Looks as if Ciara and future has called it quits indefinitely, Yes people you heard it right, the wedding is off!! And Ciara is the one calling it quits, claiming that Future was cheating on her while on tour.
How unfortunate this is, due to Future and Ciara giving birth to lil Future no more then three months ago.
Being in a relationship with a Artist or Entertainer can often be the straw that breaks the camels back! With all these dehydrated women looking for nothing more then a meal ticket.
Ciara, dig this right..If you really love your man..Hold on to him.. Don't let these groupies and hoes be the reason Lil Future grows up without his father.. Hoping the best for the both of you.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Oscar Award Winner, Robin Williams, Dies At The Age Of 63

                                 BREAKING NEWS!!!!

Oscar Award Winner, Robin Williams, dead at the age of 63, found this morning in California.
Reports state that death was caused by suicide, however a comprehensive investigative report must be conducted prior to any final conclusions can be drawn regarding William's death.
The Marin County Coroner's office is scheduled to conduct a "Forensic Examination" on August 12, 2014
Williams Rep, Mara Buxbaum, stated to "ABC News" that he had been under severe depression as of late.
This is a sad and sudden blow that the Entertainment community has just taken and we here at Wellsink are sending our love and prayers out to the Williams family, My Goodness Robin Williams, aka "Mork" you will be truly missed!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

"Love Me Or Hate Me, Trust Me, @ Night I Still Sleep The Same."

I had wondered what it would have meant.. to be loved and it was like appa-rent, that this love wasn't heaven sent, but this romance he needed.. he was like so hell-bent.. in creating some type of leg-acy.. wait a minute..hold up..canyoutellme.. why it is that you chose me?
Who's there?
They say the name is misery, I come to suck and drain eve-ry energy, happy? Oh no, not on this day, I don't do kid's recitals.. I just don't do play.. It'll be a cold day in hell before I bow down to you. and if it's hot climate, then  I'll hold ma breath until my face  turns blue
Dig this here.. puck you..and you and you.. and if you wanna get nasty bout thangs.. Phuck ya bald head azz mammy and ya "THOT" of ah sistah too!!
Ssshh..holdin' that finger to ya mouth..Inna bout two seconds.. I'm gone turn this bish out! Keshia Wells Djkeno... Take yo pick..say it right..
Don't be mad bout the way I speak.. I didn't come here for ah fight...
Don't do chicks, don't half do dudes that's just part of my game.. Real discreet.. too damn private.. Won't catch me lookin' the same.
Stand tall cause imma "G" "S" don't stand for square in my name..
Love me or hate me.. trust me, at night, I still sleep the same.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Grip aka Da BodyRocka, Wants To Know "Can You Keep Up?"

Enter to win a all expense paid, flight and Hotel room, the chance to perform live on stage with Grip aka Da BodyRocka or the opportunity to show us how you keep up in the up and coming Video Shoot for the track "Can you keep up" Simply go to Reverberation/Grip aka Da BodyRocka and dwnld the track "can you keep up" and twerk it to that song then simply submit your video to Deadline for submission 10/13/14 Videos will be aired on YouTube and Facebook for voting purposes. Good luck.. Ready.. Set.. Dance!!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

59 Days, and Kim Kardashian's, Marriage to Kanye West, Has Gone.. South!! And Quick Too!!

   Okay, lets take a deeper look into this whole Kim and Kanye thing.. Let's assume for just one second, that Kim is done with gobbling down big, black, hard object's for entertainment. "Ijs"
Although Kim would like for you to think, that in her world.. everything spins perfectly round. However, nothing could be further from the truth. 59 day's after exchanging vows with Kanye, Kim has been in need of a pair binoculars, just to keep a close look on just where it may have been, Kanye has seemed to emotionally and physically disappeared to.
"InTouch Magazine" has stated, that the rapper has done almost all in his power to avoid Kim since the "So Called" honeymoon.. claims multiple sources.
Kim Kardashian has been down this road before and Wellsink, can and will assure you that this marriage to Kanye was not be Kim's First, second, nor will it be her third time at this rodeo!
Let's face it, Kim "is like a door knob, you might as well say that everybody in the industry, somehow has had their turn."
  My question to you Kim Kardashian, is a question that I hope your woman enough to answer face ta face ear ta ear one day, simply because.. Well.. I don't exactly care for you a real whole lot. I think that your "Looking for love in all the wrong places" using your beauty, vagina and mouth to get whatever it is you want out of life or a man. The message that I have always gotten from you, is "it's okay to be a hoe, to create sex tapes and to DE-value yourself as a woman as long as the ultimate price is right." My question then I guess would be: "Do you ever wake up, look in the mirror, and shake your head at what you've become? Sure you made it to the top, you have the big bucks, but what's obvi that you don't have, is a feeling of self worth.

I get it, Losing your father at such an early age, you began  to look for that same kind of love that your father once displayed towards you, in the men that you date. Here is some sound advice for you Kim, you can either take it or leave it. Your marriage to Chris lasted all but of 72 day's and it appeared that you seemed to be quite embarrassed regarding the whole ordeal, but here we are yet again in 2014, some three year's later and your still goblin' down dicks, creating and turning new tricks.

We the public don't want to see you on every cover on each and every magazine, with a bunch of Kleenex balled up in your hands, red, swollen eye's, talkin' about " You never saw this coming" Honey.. Ray Charles could see that shid gettin' ready to pop off ten miles away!!
and no need to worry about being the "Laughingstock Again" you've never stopped being the "butt" of everyones jokes. Good Luck in life Kim.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Jay Z and Beyonce Separates After The "On The Run Tour!!?"

   More rumors regarding Jay Z and Beyonce, will Bey and Jay Z be calling it quits after the "On The Run Tour?
According to the NY Post, the couple is planning to split after touring, a close source advised the NY Post, that Jay is doing all he can to keep his marriage together, Jay Z even went as far as hiring marriage consulars to accompany the couple while on tour.
It has been rumored that the pair has been trying to find a way to separate without getting involved in a messy divorce.
"The Boom" seems to feel that Jay is the reason for the couple separating, allegedly, Jay Z felt having a child would fix the issues that he and Beyonce had been having, but we all know that a child can not save a already failing relationship.
It's not hard to spot that the couple does not wear their wedding rings either. Wellsink, isn't sure how true the divorce allegations are, However, we will say this, If the rumors are true, we here at Wellsink are wishing the best for the Carter Family.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

New York Nicks, Carmelo Anthony, Deadline To Opt~Out Of His $23.5 Million Dollar Contract, Quickly Approaches, On Monday!

New York, Nicks, "Forward All Star" Carmelo Anthony, as promised,  Will file notice on Monday, with plans to execute the early termination option that was implemented in his contract. Anthony is looking to become a "Free Agent" beginning July 1st, states one league source.
Carmelo's deadline to opt-out of his $23.5 million deal for the 2014-2015 Season, comes as early as Monday.
Anthony is anxious to become a free agent and is actually looking to become more familiar with the Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets League, sources have stated.
Carmelo, would get the most from New York, being that they would be able to offer him a five year, $125-million -plus-contract, that could ultimately set him just right at the age of 30.
Chicago as well as Houston, has some business at hand to work on prior to clearing a salary cap space in order to sign Anthony on for a deal of four years, in the $90 million dollar range. Whew wee, that's alot of dough to play wit right?
We here at Wellsink, hopes that plays out just how you'd like it to Carmelo!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Mug Shot Of Jeremy Meeks, And The Dehydrated Women That Have Fell Head Over Heels For This Felon!!


Why is this mug shot of Jeremy Meeks , Of Stockton California, making the Head~Lines? Have women become so hard up for a man's attention? Any man's attention for that matter, that they will except anything that a man does, whether it be robbing, stealing, dealing, killing, cheating and lying?  You know all the shit. I'm curious to know, why is it so hard for a woman to be happy with self? And is that always the issue or could it be a deeper reasoning for these type of actions that are being displayed by these women?
As a whole, women are beginning to feel that there is a shortage of men going around, whether we are losing our men to the jail systems, being UN-available, or just plain ole not having an interest in women at all! We are in fact losing our men.

But For me, No matter how limited we are... We must begin to think outside the box of things. It isn't uncommon for a woman to reach out to a man sitting behind bars ( I'd like to call this woman dehydrated,  because thirsty has left the building when you begin to stoop to these measures)
I have always wondered, what would make a woman with three children at home, that already has three different father's of her children already incarcerated, reach out to a man in jail, "Maybe she's looking for baby daddy number four" Ijs, not that I have anything against a man doing time, truth be told, when it comes to dealing with a man behind bars, I'm no saint, however I did not seek him out while incarcerated, we actually met after a five year bid he had previously done. I said that to say this.
We as women must begin to make wiser decisions, we cannot base long lasting, life decisions, based on a persons outer appearance.
And this is exactly what alot of people are doing with the "Mug Shot" of Jeremy Meeks. Is he attractive? Of course he is. Under any other circumstances, if I were purely judging him on his looks alone.. He would be a man that I would take interest in? And this is just me keeping it all the way real. But what I absolutely would not do, is seek this man out, become pen pals, and then try and set something up after he was finished doing his bid.
Here is a few reasons why a woman should be looking deep before she leaped off into some shit like this. As mentioned previously, when a woman makes the conscious decision to bring a child into this world, then that means that as a woman and mother you should be setting all type of examples for that child/children that you've laid up and had! Point blank, it's just that simple.
The question I think women forget to ask themselves, is do they really know who the man is that they are bringing home? Has he been honest regarding his past history, and was he having homosexual relations while he was incarcerated that could ultimately leave you with an disease that you can't get rid of? I mean, some of you ladies may not want to look at things in this light, but at some point.. you must!! Especially if you call yourself bringing this man home to where not only you lay your head, but where your children lay theirs as well.
How much of his past do you know about?

In photo's illustrated, it would appear that Meeks, has had some type of modeling under his belt, however, he does not, and what the photo's has not illustrated is Jeremy's checkered past, nor does the pictures illustrate that he is in fact a felon.
So, in closing, Ladies, stop looking at these men behind bars as if they were the answer to the shortage that we are now up against, Think. And quit being a "THOT!" Pour you a cup of ice Lemon~Aid or whatever your beverage of choice may be, Because your lookin' real Dehydrated right now!
Food Fa Thought:

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