Thursday, December 5, 2013

When To Let Go

Holding on to something that is no longer condusive, can not only be miserable, but could also be dangerous for the person being held.
Most of us have been in a relationship with someone that maybe at one point we liked or even loved and then there's that one person who you know you would have never entered into a relationship with had it not been due to certain circumstances.
If you are in this type of relationship, it only gets worse.

We as men and women should know when to let go.  You can not make anyone love or want to be with you. If a man or woman tells you that they are not looking for a relationship, then you need to adhere to that!
Ladies, if a man tells you he is not interested in having children, then respect that man's wishes.. You may not understand his reasons, and honestly you don't need to know or understand why, just respect his wishes!
Then maybe we would hear alot less of how men ain't shid and see less of dead beat dads.
And as for you men..
It's never cool to force a chic to carry and have a child just so you can hold on to her.
Even now, people do not realize that a baby does not bring you closer but can at times be the reason why that line has been drawn right down the middle of your relationship.
We must know our worth, and know when its time to let go.
Love yourself enough to know that you are worth every bit of happiness that this world has to offer

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