Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Porsha Wiiliams, May Very Well Be Taken Out Of The Game Next Season.

Porsha Williams, may not be sitting on the bench this season, but could very well be out of the game come next season. This Real Housewives of Atlanta star may have ran her last course on Real Housewives of Atlanta.
Reportedly, Porsha will finish out this season and attend the reunion show, however, it is anyone's guess if she'll be returning for another season.
Allegedly, producers are not impressed with her at all, and will wait for the taping of the reunion before making any final decisions.
Word of advice Porsha, the way Cordell humiliated you on and off the show with allegations of homosexual relations and all else.. If it were me.. I'd tell the network as well as the producers to kiss my ass softly and never look back.. ijs

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