Friday, December 6, 2013

Former Dipset Member, Screalla, Tells Wellsink What Life Is Like Since Going Independent.

29-year-old, Former member of "Dipset" discusses with Wellsink, what life has been like since going independent.
This was not the first time Wellsink had the pleasure of speaking with this very ambitious gentlemen.
I spoke with Screalla as a guest on Wellsink "Raw and Uncut" Radio almost two weeks ago and he had the lines sewed up.. and from what I've heard, he has the talent to keep the crowds attention.
Since going independent Screalla has had his hands in a little bit of everything, from his clothing line "Drunk Life" to rebranding his company "Blue Smoke Entertainment", which for him means logo and all.
It was important for Wellsink, to understand his reasoning for changing the former logo, which appeared to be working very well and carried more of an urban look.
" The company is going in a new direction, I wanted to keep the urban look, but be more on the corperate friendly side ," Screalla, stated
Growing up on the rough streets of Chicago he found himself getting mixed in with the wrong things, it was then that he enlisted in the Military, serving seven year's.
Screalla now,had the financial means and paperwork he needed to send "Blue Smoke Entertainment" into full launch mode.
As the conversation proceed, I became curious to know why he left "Dipset"
"Well, really, Dipset had already been kinda breaking up, every one  was basically doing their own thing. Cam'ron and Juelz Santana were doing their thing and Jim Jones was doing his thang as a solo artist, with all that going on, we kinda just fell apart." said Screalla.
This humble soul couldn't rub me the wrong way if he wanted to.. Not only is he ambitious, but he is also a loving son and proud father of 10-year-old Layah and four-year-old Aaliyah.
I see nothing but greatness for this talented young man's future and it was an honor to have him back in the hot seat for this interview on Wellsink.
To hear any of Screalla's music, you can catch him on Sound Cloud and You-Tube, search Screalla. There are currently two singles out on ITunes,I suggest you listen to that slap "Good Night"
A special shout out to videographer EkS.It Media and Graphic Designer Ben
Keep your eyes peeled, Screalla will begin touring the West Coast, beginning the summer of 2014

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