Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cream BMP Daily,Has Reported Gucci Mane Killed His Cell Mate For Allegedly Trying To Rape Him, Fact or Fiction!?

"Cream" has reported that Gucci Mane, killed his cell mate for allegedly trying to rape him. Recent reports from "Cream" reported that Gucci, stated that the cell mate tried licking ice cream off his face and even tried to fondle his male body parts while sleeping.
Gucci Mane was arrested on gun charges in Atlanta and now faces up to 20 years in prison on that charge alone.
Wellsink went into a mad investigation regarding "Creams" allegations and found that this story was in fact a bold face lie!  Made up by "Cream reporters" with all that Gucci has on his plate, he doesn't need some low life internet site spreading those kind of lies/rumors such as this one floating around. Anyone who's ever done time knows full and got damn well that there couldn't have been ice cream involved for one dinner is served early afternoon, by the time the alleged perpetrator did supposedly had committed this act, that ice would have been all cream just like the name of the fake ass site who leaked this B.S.
My suggestion to you "Cream" would first be to change the name of your site, that's like calling a man delicious or some ole lame shit along those lines. And my second word of advice to you is to research and investigate what ever it is your reporting, giving the public false information is a definite no,no in my book, Get The Facts, Ijs

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