Monday, December 9, 2013

Is His Profession Driving A Wedge Between Your Relationship?

Is his profession driving a wedge between your relationship?
Alot of lonely, cold, sleepless nights, equals a relationship that's lacking chemistry.
Whether his profession is being a Truck Driver, Construction Worker, The Ceo of his own business or just simply.. a plain ole "Block Provider"  (Block Provider?) "what's undastood, needs no explanation"
A woman lacking that time due to him being on his grind, can ultimately point to disaster in the best of best relationship.
Why do you see women who are in those "damn" near perfect relationships cheat? 
Why on earth would a woman who has it all "ALL" cheat (and to cheat by my definition.. is to give any man ANY of your time when your in a relationship) is what alot of people would ask a woman who seems to have just about everything.
Here's one theory, her partner is away from home 28 days out of thirty..(This isn't good) no matter how good, down, faithful, educated, or what that woman's occupation may be..the key word in that sentence iiissss.. "Woman"
Women are so much different then men, in so many different ways.
A woman wants to feel sexy, appreciated and at times dominated, depending on what type of woman you have, which by the way, are only two kinds of... the Real who are the strong, I call them the survivors and then, you have what we like to call those fraudulent hoes who live in "iffville" meaning.. in lamens terms..  she's ah fake bish...
Getting back on track.
A woman wants.. damn near needs.. her man to tell her "just how sexy she is or how pretty she looks, because in all reality, she's doing it for you.
Women sit in those salons getting their hair, feet and nails done to empress you! Her bae.. Once that attention stops, a woman will tolerate being alone for as long as human nature will allow, but eventually.. she will give in and begin to scream "let me out!!"
that's like a man who's just been given life on top of death row telling his chic to stay down.. that bish only said she would because she didn't want to kick you while you were already down, but that bish gone be phuckin.
Men do the same thing lady's, they'll rush to the lot and purchase the most expensive, nicest, car on the lot " as if he needed to add any more to his collection of cars," but he purchases this whip to empress you and of course those dehydrated side liners waiting on the sideline justa geta Lil taste of his swag.. but stop suckin his dick, cooking his meals and spending that quality time with him and watch how quick he quit trying to impress yo azz, and start showin off to that stray bish you been trying to keep him away from.
Some times we can forget that it's the little things that captured your mates heart, the TIME you once shared, the chemistry you once had, because once that dies, you might as well purchase a shovel and bury that shid!

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