Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Will Smith, Allegedly Cheat's on Jada, with 23-Year-Old knockout!

Say it isn't so, Will cheated on Jada?!!.. Shut the freakin' front door! According to"Star" Magazine, whom seem to be saying.. in fact it is so, Will,did cheat with  Margot Robbie,Co-Star,and 23-year-old actress from Australia,on October 25th, in New Orleans.Reportedly, they were spotted entering a camera both, where inside, there was a whole lot of inappropriate shit going on, again this is according to"Star". Will an Margot, reportedly, were instantly attracted to one another from the moment they auditioned for the upcoming movie "Focus" together, with Margot stating "when we had our audition together, we had a mutual chemistry, I think it's going to be alot of fun."
Hmm, where should Wellsink begin with all this bit of information.. Okay, I think this is where I'll begin.. It is not the responsibility of Wellsink, to pry into peoples private lives, I am a firm believer of people being allowed to live how they want, in private if they so desire to.So with that being said, here is what Wellsink, thinks about the photo's and the rumors about him cheating.

 Jada and Will have been an item for over 14 years, and relationship's absolutely are not perfect by far.. who are we to pass judgement on what and why Will did what he is being accused of doing. I would have to say to Will and Jada, we have watched you both grow through the eyes of the media, and as hard as it is to  do..you have managed to keep your lives and marriage very private, it is unfortunate that we are now witnessing this unfold.. Wellsink and friends will only hope the best for both Will and Jada.

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