Monday, November 18, 2013

Will Kim, Kayne, and Dr. Dre, Soon Be Collaborating With One Another?

Seems as though Dr.,Dre , Kaye West, and Kim Kardashian, could all three be collaborating, real soon.
Allegedly Kim and Kayne are looking to purchase another home, despite the $11 million mansion close by, that they recently purchased,still under construction. It appears that both Kayne and Kim are now concerned about their privacy at the current location and have started the search for a new home, and according to TMZ the duo just may have found the perfect home located in the private regions of Bel-Air.
Here's the kicker in all this..The 6-acre land that Kim and Kayne are now considering purchasing is currently owned by Dr. Dre in who purchased the home a year ago for the slamming price of $10.5 million. The house is now valued between $11-12 million dollars

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