Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Those Drunken Night's in The City Of Sin, Left Pauly D Screaming "Holy Shit!"

Those drunken night's, in the city of sin, can have you waking up screaming "Holy Shit!" ask Pauly D, he knows all about those nights. Allegedly back in 2012 Pauly hooked up with a drunk Amanda Market, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and nine months later in May of 2013, Precious Annabella was born.
It has been reported that Pauly is seeking full custody of the child, which may come as a shock to some, being that these two have had a bad taste in their mouths for one another since the day the child was conceived. Pauly is scheduled to meet his daughter for the very first time today, in the area of New Jersey, where Market is currently residing.
Well the good thing in all this is; Pauly and Amanda have both put their differences aside, if not for anything else but the child... Kudos's to you both, for doing what's right for the child.

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