Sunday, November 10, 2013

Looking To Challange Your Taste Buds? Then Philly Steak Express Is Just The Place Your Looking For!

Looking for that great Philly Steak Sandwich,but miles away from Philadelphia? Well, Wellsink, has found the perfect place where you can get that Philly Steak experience, within the city  limit's of Las Vegas, located at 6446 N. Durango Rd. 89149.
Wellsink and friends had the opportunity of gobbling down one of their classic Philly steak sandwiches, and let me tell you, my taste buds twerked in my mouth with every bite that was taken. Wellsink, learned while dining out at Philly Steak Express, that not only did we experience the wonderful tasting sandwich, but others such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, The Rat Pack, as well as many other entertainers from earlier years, also enjoyed the fine restaurant.
Upon entering the doors of the small establishment, you instantly begin to notice the pictures framing the walls of past entertainers, even displaying an old Elvis Presley, concert ticket, that clearly would be worth a substantial amount of money if taken in to be appraised.

All in all Wellsink, and company really enjoyed the food and the service was great! Remember, if your looking for that great Philly steak, but miles away from Philly, no worries, "Philly Steak Express" is just a short drive away if your residing in the city of Las Vegas.
To begin enjoying your Philly Steak experience, call and place your order.

(702) 816-3000
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