Friday, November 22, 2013

Lamar Makes Drug or Alcohol Induced Video Stating "When Khloe Is Away, He's Still On The DL!!"

"Why they Got Lamar Lookin' Like The Crack Head From The  Dave Chappelle Show"

From the Out side looking in, it would appear that Lamar Odom, done lost his damn mind.TMZ revealed a shocking video of him and his long time friend, standing in the mirror with shirt's off, rapping or singing, it's kinda hard to tell which of the two he was doing, being that he was so high or drunk that his words were a little slurred at the time.
What was made very clear was his comment on how when Khloe is away, he still is on the "DL" for those of you in the dark "DL" means down low in the gay community.. Now I'm not saying Lamar openly admitted while he was high or drunk playing around on camera that he is gay..maybe he just doesn't know the meaning behind those two letters..."DL"
He also made a few more slurred remarks that were hard to make out..You see if you can decode, just what in fact it is that Lamar and friend are saying... Watch the video here..
Lamar, Lamar. Lamar.. seems to be the only thing that comes to mind..We here at Wellsink, hopes it comes together for you and quick like..

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