Friday, November 15, 2013

Alot of drinking, Alot of hair being pulled out, And Alot of Girl on Girl Action, I'm Referring To The Bad Girls Club, Season 11

I watch the Bad Girl Club, every season, I even had the pleasure of interviewing Andrea Dominique from Season 9 "BGC". Here is my complaint on this seasons "BGC" and boy do I have a mouthful. I first want to touch on Janelle's birds nest..Janelle, you got on national television and told the world that, that shit that sits on top and across your forehead cost you a whooping $1,000.. I have one question for you.. Did you whoop that trick who sewed that shit in? If your answer is no: then you needed that ass whoopin' you got from Tiana, speaking about that ass whoopin you received while you were backed in the corner of that door, what were you doing the splits for? Were you happy you received a beat down? Hate to be you, by the way Janelle, when you touch down in Houston, make sure you pay your hair stylist a visit and get that shit touched up and please look into getting enrolled in some type of fighting classes.

On to the next one..Miss Mimi who desperately seeks attention from anywhere she can get it, I have a little advice for you.. Natalie Nun, gave you some sound advice.. "Punks jump up to get beat down" If your going to be sleeping with everybody in the industry and running their business in the streets, then you better get prepared to see bitches like me, and be ready to square up! You spoke on Justin Bieber in a very derogatory manner.. You claim that he has a one incher right? Then Mimi, that speaks volumes about you..Your a industry hoe and anything go..You nasty bish!!

 Shanae, when you first arrived to the house as a replacement, I liked you, and then you began to show your true colors.. Time to dry up the water works and put your big girl panties on, because surely you have made a spectacle of yourself for all of America to see.
As for the rest of the "Wolf Pack" in the house getcha boss shit on..I love a bish with heart!! Gina, Tiana, and Sara..I'll be speaking with you as well, Ima need that live radio interview from either one or all three of you.
Talk to you soon you bad bitches you!!
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