Saturday, November 23, 2013

Afraid to Jump Into That New Relationship? Well this Blog Just May Be For You!!

Could you be missing out on the love of your life due to holding on to past hurts? This happens more then you think it does.. When entering a relationship, a lot of both men and women are afraid to jump in,with both feet first due to past hurts and or trust issues, but is this fair to the person whom is trying to get next to you? I believe this is where we begin to make the first mistake as women when entering a new relationship.. We absolutely can not begin to put all men in one Easter basket and color them all yellow.
Yes, maybe in your past relationship you were cheated on, lied to and just all out have trust issues with the opposite sex.. But, how good can that be for you? You can honestly miss out on something profound being afraid.. and when I speak of fear, I am not referring to the kind of fear that makes you run from a fight and considered a coward, I'm referring to the kind of fear that pulls at your heart stings every time you see a couple that looks as if they are madly in love, the kind of fear that keeps you away from weddings, because your afraid that your day just may never come.
We must begin to leave the luggage at the airport or at least unpack it when you walk through that front door . We put so many stumbling blocks in the way of our own happiness when it comes to finding love. Maybe we as women should stop yelling men ain't shit and begin to give ourselves a look over, begin to see why it is our men are stepping out on us with other women. It always amazes me to know that a man can love the foundation that he has built but will in fact go to a outside beach to play in a different type of sand.
Let's try bringing some positive shit into a relationship that you may be thinking of embarking on,and see how far that gets you.. Just a little food for thought for those of us needing those extra words of encouragement, here on Wellsink.

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