Sunday, October 20, 2013

November 13th & 14th, "Grid Ex" Tommorow, Is There a Gurantee For American Citizens?

As November 13th, quickly approaches, some are still left wonedering just what " Grid Ex" means, and if in fact it is really going to happen. Last week
Wellsink, reported a confiation of two days of darkness headed by "FEMA'
After reporting this bit of information, Wellsink has received a large amount of emails, asking if "Grid Ex" will really take place. Now, I am by no means in office nor is Wellsink in any way a Government Official, however Wellsink, only will report researched, confirmed, hard facts..  It has been reported, that "Grid Ex" purpose is to see how Governments will react in such a crisis.
Funny, even with cold hard hitting facts, people still have their doubts..
This may very well be the beginning of the end of "America" as we once knew it.
Let's just say, hypothetically, that the light's do go out come November 13th, what are you prepared to do?
What will this mean for Americans? We could all be facing Marshall Law and the start of a NWO! President Regan spoke on this exact moment, many years ago.
How will people react when the lights go out? And will the lights come back on?
With our Government shut down, and as Government Assistance comes to a hault in states such as California and Ohio, What will people do next?
Have we been bamboozled for Centuries? And has America come to it's demise?
We are headed for times this generation has never imagined!
We no longer need to hit the rewind button to see what happens next in the movie "2012" because America is headed for the realest movie to be played out right in front of our very eyes "2013!" This WILL NOT be another "2000" scare. "Grid Ex" is REAL and on it's way,  and as I always say, Don't take my word for it.. do the research yourself!!
Be safe, love while you can, because after all... Tomorrow is not promised to us.

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