Monday, October 28, 2013

An Interview With Khepera Records Artist, Ruly Russo

29-Year-old, Hip Hop Artist, Ruly
Russo, is quickly making a name for himself, as he shows the world, just what they have been missing!
Ruly arrives in Las Vegas on Sunday, to perform a couple of his songs from his newly released CD " Stuck off the Russo" at the Casino Lounge, located at 5150 Spring Mountain Rd.
Ruly, began his journey as a artist nine years ago , knowing at a early age, his liking for music would soon turn into a love he had to chase.
Growing up listening to groups and artist, such as "The Beetles" and 'Grand Master Flash"
He geared his self towards the urban side of music " Tupac had alot of emphasis on me taking the Hip Hop route" Ruly said,
It struck Wellsink to know  that Rulys inspiration came from a man that over half of America loved and still does love til this day.
At one moment,
Ruly had made a facial expression and for a second the two resembled one another..
Ruly, appeared to be flattered and knew that there was a  slight resemblance between him and the icon Tupac, and was quick to show Wellsink a photo of him looking just like the late Shakur, the only difference between the two were their nationalities.
Speaking to Ruly, was like enhaling a breath of fresh air, he is a humble man, and you can feel that vibe within moments of speaking with him.
When asked what his opinion on  Hip Hop and the music industry ,Now. vs. Then... he simply had this to say, " Music like anything else, is evolving, and everyone has an opinion, so I try to stay bios sometimes.You see I was born in the "80s" and raised in the "90s" so I'm real big on concept albums/cd's, music that tell a story, I think the game lacks that right now, but I definitely would like to see Hip Hop get back to that, " said Ruly
Russo, has collaborated with names such as, Domino as well as Cocaine, and when asked who right now if you had it your way, would you collab with, he smiled shuffled around from foot to foot and quickly blurted out " Hell yea, it would have to be Snoop!"
The time for Ruly to perform grows near and we begin to focus on the tracks that he would be performing at the evening's show.
With one of the songs being "I don't need her" from his Cd " Stuck off the Russo" However the track " Wrong Places" Featuring his sister Monet, is what grabbed the attention of Wellsink,  this track describes how many women who may have children by multiple men, continue to look for love in all the "wrong places" even after a failed relationship with the father of the child. Anyone who may have been in the room at that time would have seen all over his face, just how touchy of a topic this was for him, stating " This kind of hits home for me, with those type of women still looking for love.. it leaves room for both men and women to focus their attention in all the wrong places, getcha mind right, and focus on becoming a better you! If your beautiful and you know it..then let it come to you, because at the end of the day, your only hurting the children and yea, he may act like he wants to play daddy, but really he just wants to ( Ruly displays a full on thrusting motion..) I use to be that child.."
Now..., that's coming from a happily married father of two, who's been down that road,and walked down that path, here he isn't rapping about what he watched on "American Gangster" or the "Sopranos"..
Yes, Finally what we've all been waiting for! Some body real, Someone genuine, somebody refreshing, somebody like Ruly Russo.
At the end of this interview, Ruly wanted to give big Shout/Outs to everyone who put in time on his Cd,
Frank P, Franko Santana, Kimo K, Geri
King, Yellow Kief, Young Savage and Fremont, the man behind all the engineering, and definitely my Wife, Ashley and two children Harmony and Izekeo.

To hear some of Rulys heat, catch him on itunes, Rap City, Amazon, Google and You-tube.

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