Thursday, September 26, 2013

" Soon You Can Sleep "

I thought of you last night, I thought about the struggle I thought about the fight, I thought about how at times there seems like there are no equal rights.
To my sister I see you with both my right and left eye's. I see how you struggle just to get by, working two jobs, a man, a car, and a home.
The money you are making still isn't enough gotta pull out that loan !
Dealing with teenage kids who been thinkin' they grown!
Sistah, I see the pain in yours eyes, how you suffered when he crawled between your thighs!
Hold on ma sistah, this pain will soon die!
To my brother out there deep off in them streets, risking your life so your family can eat, huggin' that block every day of the week, coming home late night tired and beat, gotta watch your back from these Jkats, and police. Hustlin so hard wore the same clothes for a week!
Its okay my brotha soon you can sleep!
Down them hot blocks you have to creep, all while wondering if your bitch is a cheat!
Wondering what she doing while you in them streets!
It's okay ma brotha, soon you can sleep!

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