Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kayne West Question L.A. Attorney's Office on Why Lamar Odom Is Walking Away From Basically The Same Charge He Is Currently Facing..

Kayne West, has posed a serious question to the L.A. city Attorney's office, and the question is: why on earth is he being penalized for the same crime Lamar Odom  committed, and Lamar gets to walk away from his charge..scott free.. Well, The L.A. Attorneys office had a very simple explaination for why Odom would not be facing charges.."Because this was in fact his first offense, of being accused of assaulting the paparazzi" If you can recall, Lamar reached into the car of  a paparazzi member and snatched his camera and threw it in the street. Kayne, basically did the same thing about two months ago when the media put out that he was being charged with robbery, all because he snatched the photographer's camera, and allegedly reached inside of the pocket of the photographer, what he was looking for was left unclear. Now, do you really think Kayne was looking to rob the paparazzi? or was Kayne merely trying to get the paparazzi to respect his privacy?
It must be difficult living under the public eye, with every move you make being recorded or photoed. Maybe if the media as well as the paparazzi left these entertainers and artist alone to enjoy their privacy, we would see less of you numb nuts suing these guys for frivolous reasons. If you ask me...you get just what your looking for when you seek to disclose, take snap shots or invade these guys privacy after being asked politely to go away. Just because these guys are in the lime light..does not mean that they want the world to know what's going on in their lives behind closed doors.

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