Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Could Lamar Odom Be Taking A Deeper Look At His Life Behind Bars Come Friday?

Looks like Lamar Odom, could be taking a deeper look at his life behind bars come Friday, if he doesn't make his appearance inside the  court room.
Wellsink has  learned that Kris Jenner, sought  out famous lawyer Robert Shapiro, to represent Lamar in  his time of crisis.
Wellsink has also learned that Shapiro, only agreed to represent Odom, if he sought out  help for his drug addiction.
It hasn't been made clear if Lamar has even put Shapiro on payroll yet.
One thing that is certain.. TMZ sure seems to be positive about a couple of things: for one, Lamar is deeper off into the drug game then we originally  thought, and two, Odom  has all out refused treatment.
I just have 2 questions for you TMZ,  how would you know what Lamar Odom has or have not refused?
And two: How do you know how much dope Lamar is doing? Are you smoking it with him?
I'm just saying.
maybe Lamar would be the one to answer those questions, If only he  we're not missing in action.
Keep your head up Lamar, your friends, fans, and love ones are all rooting for you.

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