Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why Do Women Change Hairstyles, Like They Change Panties..?

Seems as though the blazing heat hasn't just affected the residents of " Sin City" but some A-list celebrity's as well.. Rhianna has traded her long lengthy, locks in for for a much cooler summer look.
Check out the photo's of Rhianna's new, short natural curly hair do, that she posted on instagram, illustrated below..
Seems as though,not only will women come out of their cloths in the summer, but they'll also jump out of those hot long locks during the summer as well and into a much cooler look. Rhi, you know you poppin' the most..however, this new dew, out of the five this year..will take a little getting use to, your fans have grown to love all the different styles and awesome looks you have brought to the table in 2013, I'm sure they'll grow to love this one as well...But for me Rhi..I have to be the realest that I am..that hair dew..does you no justice, and you just might want to slap the ish out the bish who lied and told you it was bangin'! Your beautiful and you know what look works for you.. We have seen you rock the long and the short fire red hairdo..Loved them..

Of course opinions are like assholes everybody has one, and my opinion isn't worth two grains of rice rubbed together, Just wanted you to hear someones honest opinion..not a person blowin' smoke up ya ass.. Never the less.. You keep being the bad ish you are Rhi Rhi..



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