Thursday, August 29, 2013

That Cocaine Addiction!

You crave and desire my every need, you tremble at the thought of losing me. I have held you tight a many of years, and some point in your life I have brought you to tears. When you open your eyes, your first thought is of me..and how I have made you so happy! You live for the moment that I touch your lips, you can't live without my presence!
I have been there for you, when all else has feld, it was my tender love that you held, near and dear, close to your heart.. It's been too many years now, we just can not part!
To leave me now, would be to abandon your soul, to become half of a person instead of  a whole! I love the way you spend all of your time with me, bringing me all of your money! And for this reason is why I keep you happy.. Another love, you will not seek, another pleasure you can not keep.. It is me that will keep you weak, in a cloud of daze, smoke and confusion, bringing you to the point of delirious illusions, having you jump to some serious conclusions, My love making sends you on a bonified high, If for only for a moment, just to allow you to get by.. I laugh when you search for me in the streets, spending all day and all night, no time to eat!
I love the party's we throw, whether it's day or night.. Your friends crave me as well, to the point they will fight.. for my love and devotion, I'll leave them stuck in motion, tongue tied and all, staring at me through that glass wall. Mesmerised by the smell of my scent, you sink back in your seat, "wow, this is heaven sent"
This love you have for me, is like some kind of serious affliction, Because I am merely a figment of your imagination.. I am that Cocaine addiction!!
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