Friday, August 2, 2013

Riley Cooper..Is He a Flying "Eagle" or Will The "N" Word Land Him Flat On His Face!!

Who ever said that racism no longer existed, told a bold face lie! It is very apparent, that just like things can go in and out of  fashion, so has racism. Minorities haven't jumped over any hurdles at all however, it has been ,down~sized and if you will, kept in the closet until it was ready to show it's ugly face again!
Are we now beginning to see more and more hate generate from all races, due to the recent Trayvon Martin case, and was the Martin case, just the straw that broke the camels back..?

I want to talk about One Wide Receiver that currently plays for the " Philadelphia Eagles" I'm referring to Riley Cooper, whom has politely removed himself from the team all for stating that " he wanted to fight every Nigger@ the Kenny Chesney Concert" A Representative from the "Eagles" issued this statement " Cooper needs to understand how hurtful his words were"
First and absolutely, never lease. Why is it that Cooper can just "Remove" himself from the team with just a measly tap on the wrist? Why was it okay for the "People" who supported the decision of George Zimmerman's innocent, to write " niggers get lost, or die you black fish lip nigger's" on the walls of some individuals Face books? There were even stories of Elementary and High School Children finding themselves having to stand up to that nigger word.

Funny how you will see the Media dot or x out some of the letter's in the word such NiGG..or some craziness like that,  Why does the media take the time out to do that? It isn't like there haven't been A~list Entertainers who in fact let that nigger word fly off the tips of their tongue, like in the recent case of Paula Deen, I guess if you call a Black man or woman a's okay because it's been justified with an apology!!

Now let's flip the coin for a quick moment.. What if a minority had stated "You know that pale,face cracka Cooper, can't play ball worth a lick,how did his ass make the team!?" or "that white face ghost Paula Deen, swear she can cook, but her food taste like stale rubber!" OMG, tell me the minority who let those statement's fall off their tongue, wouldn't be facing all sorts of charges and possibly incarceration on top of stalking charges, and the reasoning for the minority getting locked up, would be that Deen/ Cooper are celebrities. It sure as hell wouldn't be any public apology's and everything be all right.

These racist people know exactly what they are saying before it comes out of their mouths, and the only reason they attempt to show any type of remorse, is solely to protect their image, because the same race/races that they may hold such a disdain for, are in fact the same people that have been supporting their racist faces for years, those people just may be the reason that keep you a float, and without those same people/fans your racist boat won't float..

 People let's do away with all the racism and hate..It has never been about black or white but always about the haves and have not's, Let's strive to show the people of the world that we do not have to be against one another..We are all fighting the same battle..we all live in the same messed up world and we all bleed red right?, let's be mad at who we should be mad at. We have inappropriately placed the blame and the hateful ways of this world in the wrong hands and on the wrong people.. 
 As in the words of the late Rodney King,
 "Can we all just get along"

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