Saturday, August 31, 2013

Is Lamar Odom Really On Crack? And How Fast Did It Take Klohe To Tie Up Them Running Shoes?

Lamar Odom, allegedly has a monster that he has been hiding in the closet, that only him and a few others were aware of. Apparently Lamar has been addicted to Crack Cocaine for quite some time now.
Khloe gave Odom the option to either straighten up, or get out!
It has been reported that he has chosen to get out, shaking the scene fast in his all white Mercedes Benz, headed for the Marriott in Coastal Marina Del Rey, Umph, umph, umph.. I can only imagine how that 30 minute ride from the home that he and Klohe reside in went, the whole time, the only thing that was running through his mind was "Got dam, now the worlds knows!" Only adding fuel to the "Pipe" (no fun attended) to further erupt the flame.
One would assume, that after crack took over the "80's" destroying some many homes and families, that doing any type of drug would simply be out of the question. But, as I always say, you never know what demons may be hiding in someones closet..
We all hope that you get that monkey off your back, and from one individual to another..Never let the disappointments in life bring you to the point of destruction. It has been reported that Khloe has since filed for divorce.. As for you Khloe Kardashian.. It takes a black woman to understand the black mans struggle...You put them runnin' shoes on fasss huh?

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