Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Black Man, Black Woman, Where have we gone Wrong?

I am a woman of worth, a woman of class, my struggle has been rough, but yet somehow, I know this can't last. I have walked this earth a many of years, I've cried at least, two river of tears.  Abuse and rape haunts me in my dreams, misery and hurt is what I've seen. But yet, I have been strong, when at times I should have been weak, I've been left for dead in some hard ghetto streets. I have been treated less then due to the color of my skin..but yet somehow, I'm determined to win! My eyes bleed from all the death that I've seen, I believe the cruelty of this world has made me real mean..
We are one bonded by  the color of our skin, instead of enemies, we should be friends, but you have been brain washed to turn your back on me, you have been taught that the black woman is your enemy. You have been programed to break down the unity.. My brotha, my brotha, where did we go wrong, Now afraid to allow you in my my thoughts, or even my life, you have brought nothing promising, just grief and strife! My black man, why can't we get it right? Are you afraid of the strength I display.. Is the black woman too strong for these times..these day's? Why do you leave your sons to grow up alone? Without your guidance they are sure to go wrong. Why can't you give your daughters the love that they need? At least then, they would know they were queens, instead of looking for love in all the wrong places, and sleeping with men who wear different faces, Maybe then they would respect their own race and grow up to be the woman they were meant to be.. Never wanting from a man, never clingy..
My black man, why do you think that her pale face,long hair, and her big blue eyes, is worth the moon, heaven and star in the sky? Have you forgotten the struggle, the fight, the whips and the shame? The feeling that "Nigger" was your first name.. Have you forgotten the black woman that was beaten and raped, hung, and left for dead..
I'm not saying all black men are the same, and I absolutely realize that times have changed.. You are not obligated to love one race, but it was never intended for the black woman to be replaced!! How sad it is that we have lost our man, black woman, We have to get it together, and I mean Today!!

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