Saturday, August 31, 2013

Is Lamar Odom Really On Crack? And How Fast Did It Take Klohe To Tie Up Them Running Shoes?

Lamar Odom, allegedly has a monster that he has been hiding in the closet, that only him and a few others were aware of. Apparently Lamar has been addicted to Crack Cocaine for quite some time now.
Khloe gave Odom the option to either straighten up, or get out!
It has been reported that he has chosen to get out, shaking the scene fast in his all white Mercedes Benz, headed for the Marriott in Coastal Marina Del Rey, Umph, umph, umph.. I can only imagine how that 30 minute ride from the home that he and Klohe reside in went, the whole time, the only thing that was running through his mind was "Got dam, now the worlds knows!" Only adding fuel to the "Pipe" (no fun attended) to further erupt the flame.
One would assume, that after crack took over the "80's" destroying some many homes and families, that doing any type of drug would simply be out of the question. But, as I always say, you never know what demons may be hiding in someones closet..
We all hope that you get that monkey off your back, and from one individual to another..Never let the disappointments in life bring you to the point of destruction. It has been reported that Khloe has since filed for divorce.. As for you Khloe Kardashian.. It takes a black woman to understand the black mans struggle...You put them runnin' shoes on fasss huh?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

That Cocaine Addiction!

You crave and desire my every need, you tremble at the thought of losing me. I have held you tight a many of years, and some point in your life I have brought you to tears. When you open your eyes, your first thought is of me..and how I have made you so happy! You live for the moment that I touch your lips, you can't live without my presence!
I have been there for you, when all else has feld, it was my tender love that you held, near and dear, close to your heart.. It's been too many years now, we just can not part!
To leave me now, would be to abandon your soul, to become half of a person instead of  a whole! I love the way you spend all of your time with me, bringing me all of your money! And for this reason is why I keep you happy.. Another love, you will not seek, another pleasure you can not keep.. It is me that will keep you weak, in a cloud of daze, smoke and confusion, bringing you to the point of delirious illusions, having you jump to some serious conclusions, My love making sends you on a bonified high, If for only for a moment, just to allow you to get by.. I laugh when you search for me in the streets, spending all day and all night, no time to eat!
I love the party's we throw, whether it's day or night.. Your friends crave me as well, to the point they will fight.. for my love and devotion, I'll leave them stuck in motion, tongue tied and all, staring at me through that glass wall. Mesmerised by the smell of my scent, you sink back in your seat, "wow, this is heaven sent"
This love you have for me, is like some kind of serious affliction, Because I am merely a figment of your imagination.. I am that Cocaine addiction!!

Breaking Through Those Steel Industry Doors!

Whomever said that breaking through those industry doors were easy, surely was not too deep in the business. Some people go into this thinking that all they need is the talent and the rest is smooth sailing, nothing could be further from the truth...In fact, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Anyone can have a talent as well as a dream.. The question is, are you willing to put in the work? One thing I've learned is that you must be professional, and prepared to put your money where your mouth is. I don't care what you heard.. People want to know that you are going to make good on their investment and if you can not present yourself in a replicable manner, then it's down hill from there.
So my advice to anyone trying to make it in the Music industry, is look deep before you leap..With Sound Cloud and the rest of the social media sites, becoming quickly on the rise, you very may well be better off promoting yourself..and being your own label as well as manager.. Good luck to all those inspiring artist trying to break through those steel doors!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Black Man, Black Woman, Where have we gone Wrong?

I am a woman of worth, a woman of class, my struggle has been rough, but yet somehow, I know this can't last. I have walked this earth a many of years, I've cried at least, two river of tears.  Abuse and rape haunts me in my dreams, misery and hurt is what I've seen. But yet, I have been strong, when at times I should have been weak, I've been left for dead in some hard ghetto streets. I have been treated less then due to the color of my skin..but yet somehow, I'm determined to win! My eyes bleed from all the death that I've seen, I believe the cruelty of this world has made me real mean..
We are one bonded by  the color of our skin, instead of enemies, we should be friends, but you have been brain washed to turn your back on me, you have been taught that the black woman is your enemy. You have been programed to break down the unity.. My brotha, my brotha, where did we go wrong, Now afraid to allow you in my my thoughts, or even my life, you have brought nothing promising, just grief and strife! My black man, why can't we get it right? Are you afraid of the strength I display.. Is the black woman too strong for these times..these day's? Why do you leave your sons to grow up alone? Without your guidance they are sure to go wrong. Why can't you give your daughters the love that they need? At least then, they would know they were queens, instead of looking for love in all the wrong places, and sleeping with men who wear different faces, Maybe then they would respect their own race and grow up to be the woman they were meant to be.. Never wanting from a man, never clingy..
My black man, why do you think that her pale face,long hair, and her big blue eyes, is worth the moon, heaven and star in the sky? Have you forgotten the struggle, the fight, the whips and the shame? The feeling that "Nigger" was your first name.. Have you forgotten the black woman that was beaten and raped, hung, and left for dead..
I'm not saying all black men are the same, and I absolutely realize that times have changed.. You are not obligated to love one race, but it was never intended for the black woman to be replaced!! How sad it is that we have lost our man, black woman, We have to get it together, and I mean Today!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Introducing...North West, The Newest Member Of The West And K ardashian Family!



                            Introducing.... North West

Are you ready to meet the newest member of the Kardashian and West family? Well today just may be your lucky day. Kayne appeared on the Kris Jenner show early this morning, and was feeling a little generous to his fans, while revealing a picture of North West.
North looking like both the Kim as well as Kayne. Yes, there you have it. If you were wondering what a child by Kardashian and West would look like..Well you've seen her here, on Wellsink.
Congradulations Kayne and Kim..She's adorable.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kendrick Lamar, Just May Have Killed His Own Vibe!

Looks as if Kendrick Lamar, really put his foot in his mouth, by shouting out to the world that he in fact is the "King" of NYC, in 24 hours, Kendrick, has been the butt of P Diddy's jokes, with Diddy even putting Jay Z in on the joke. I can see how Sean Puffy Combs would take offense to Kendricks Lyrics because Diddy seems to believe he grabbed that torch way before Lamar stepped onto the scene.
And to show Kendrick who the real Bosses of NYC are, he posted a instagram photo that mocks Kendrick and his lyrics..smh..

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wellsink, Weekend News In Less Then Three Paragraphs..

                            Wellsink Weekend News In Less Then       

                                         Three Paragraph's!



1. Earlier this week it was reported that Jackie Chan died due to a  fall he had made performing a stunt for an upcoming film that is soon to be released. Wellsink has learned, that the rumors that were floating around about Chan being dead is completely false. Personally, I don't find the humor in spreading vicious rumors of people dying or being dead. This is not the first time that Jackie Chan was a part of a cruel death hoax.

2. Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian, are they headed for a break up? both were spotted out together, walking extremely apart from one another.. Take a close look at Scott's facial expression, Could the look on his face have anything to do with the male model that is taking Kourtney for a ride, all the way to the Paternity building to determine if Mason is in fact his son or Scott's.. Looks like a trouble is brewing in paradise, Good luck with that Kourtney..


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Usher Raymond, Nearly Loses His Five Year Old Son, At The Bottom Of A Pool In Atlanta On Sunday!

After losing his step son nearly a year ago.. R and B artist Usher Raymond, nearly lost his 5-year-old biological son in Atlanta on Sunday. Reports from TMZ as well as the Daily News are stating, that Little Usher Raymond was found at the bottom of "A" pool in the backyard of an Atlanta home, where he then became stuck in the drain at the bottom of the pool. Reports are stating that Usher was not home at the time of the incident.

I brought you the story, regarding the death of the son, of ex wife , Tameka Foster, last year, what a tragedy this could of been for Tameka, losing two son's in less then a year, it's no wonder why she has filed for sole custody on Tuesday for "Dangerous Enviorment". It will be interesting to see how the custody hearing will go, being that a Judge, just not too long ago, granted custody to Usher.

However, with a child being on the brink of losing his life under the custody and supervision of Usher... It just may not be a good look for you Usher. We here at Wellsink are elated that Little Usher came out like the little solider he is, and we're wishing you the best of luck Usher!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Riley Cooper..Is He a Flying "Eagle" or Will The "N" Word Land Him Flat On His Face!!

Who ever said that racism no longer existed, told a bold face lie! It is very apparent, that just like things can go in and out of  fashion, so has racism. Minorities haven't jumped over any hurdles at all however, it has been ,down~sized and if you will, kept in the closet until it was ready to show it's ugly face again!
Are we now beginning to see more and more hate generate from all races, due to the recent Trayvon Martin case, and was the Martin case, just the straw that broke the camels back..?

I want to talk about One Wide Receiver that currently plays for the " Philadelphia Eagles" I'm referring to Riley Cooper, whom has politely removed himself from the team all for stating that " he wanted to fight every Nigger@ the Kenny Chesney Concert" A Representative from the "Eagles" issued this statement " Cooper needs to understand how hurtful his words were"
First and absolutely, never lease. Why is it that Cooper can just "Remove" himself from the team with just a measly tap on the wrist? Why was it okay for the "People" who supported the decision of George Zimmerman's innocent, to write " niggers get lost, or die you black fish lip nigger's" on the walls of some individuals Face books? There were even stories of Elementary and High School Children finding themselves having to stand up to that nigger word.

Funny how you will see the Media dot or x out some of the letter's in the word such NiGG..or some craziness like that,  Why does the media take the time out to do that? It isn't like there haven't been A~list Entertainers who in fact let that nigger word fly off the tips of their tongue, like in the recent case of Paula Deen, I guess if you call a Black man or woman a's okay because it's been justified with an apology!!

Now let's flip the coin for a quick moment.. What if a minority had stated "You know that pale,face cracka Cooper, can't play ball worth a lick,how did his ass make the team!?" or "that white face ghost Paula Deen, swear she can cook, but her food taste like stale rubber!" OMG, tell me the minority who let those statement's fall off their tongue, wouldn't be facing all sorts of charges and possibly incarceration on top of stalking charges, and the reasoning for the minority getting locked up, would be that Deen/ Cooper are celebrities. It sure as hell wouldn't be any public apology's and everything be all right.

These racist people know exactly what they are saying before it comes out of their mouths, and the only reason they attempt to show any type of remorse, is solely to protect their image, because the same race/races that they may hold such a disdain for, are in fact the same people that have been supporting their racist faces for years, those people just may be the reason that keep you a float, and without those same people/fans your racist boat won't float..

 People let's do away with all the racism and hate..It has never been about black or white but always about the haves and have not's, Let's strive to show the people of the world that we do not have to be against one another..We are all fighting the same battle..we all live in the same messed up world and we all bleed red right?, let's be mad at who we should be mad at. We have inappropriately placed the blame and the hateful ways of this world in the wrong hands and on the wrong people.. 
 As in the words of the late Rodney King,
 "Can we all just get along"

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why Do Women Change Hairstyles, Like They Change Panties..?

Seems as though the blazing heat hasn't just affected the residents of " Sin City" but some A-list celebrity's as well.. Rhianna has traded her long lengthy, locks in for for a much cooler summer look.
Check out the photo's of Rhianna's new, short natural curly hair do, that she posted on instagram, illustrated below..
Seems as though,not only will women come out of their cloths in the summer, but they'll also jump out of those hot long locks during the summer as well and into a much cooler look. Rhi, you know you poppin' the most..however, this new dew, out of the five this year..will take a little getting use to, your fans have grown to love all the different styles and awesome looks you have brought to the table in 2013, I'm sure they'll grow to love this one as well...But for me Rhi..I have to be the realest that I am..that hair dew..does you no justice, and you just might want to slap the ish out the bish who lied and told you it was bangin'! Your beautiful and you know what look works for you.. We have seen you rock the long and the short fire red hairdo..Loved them..

Of course opinions are like assholes everybody has one, and my opinion isn't worth two grains of rice rubbed together, Just wanted you to hear someones honest opinion..not a person blowin' smoke up ya ass.. Never the less.. You keep being the bad ish you are Rhi Rhi..



                             Some of Rhianna's most Beautiful Moments in "2013


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