Friday, July 19, 2013

You Can Take Ya two faces, and Go Straight to Hell!!

Knock..knock..can you hear me breathe.. if you open your eye's you'll be able to see.. So you say you have a disliking for me? Am I too real? Not fake like T.V. I never took no actin classes, I don't fucks wit Halloween, so i wears no masses!! I'm as real as they come, hard as a rock..Got that lyrical spit, been called, The female Tupac..
Ran with them hustler's that hugged the block..Attracted to them thug Kat's that wears them glocks! My mouth is way slick, I mean you can't shut me down, trying to battle with me...I swear you'll get clowned!!
Don't let the smooth look or the smooth taste fool you..Open up that history book it's time to school you!
Came to Vegas two years ago..Imma bad bitch but I ain't no hoe, swagger so tight, I just walked through that dough.. of success, puttin these lame niccas, to the test.. They may have been confused by the beauty in the face, but I put that shit to rest.. I won't compete in that race.. Respect me.. is the message that I send... I swear to god...say the wrong thang..Ya life just might end..

I'm batty, loony, I mean crazy Betta ask that bish...ummm..what's her name..? That trick chic back in Y.A i still see that bitch hair in flames today.. I've tried to change for the better..for the good..But for whateva reasons, they like to see a bish hood... Kiss ya ass,? Dummy me down? You got me.. way mis~ undastood..

I can never change into what you want me to won't see me actin brand new like NeNe Leaks, Forever true to the game, true to myself..So what you don't like me, shid I can't can take ya two faces and go straight to hell!!

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