Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Watch This World Rot!!

Hmm..sit back..relax, putcha thinkin' cap on.. This world displaying madness, what the hell is going on? Racism at it's finest.. brewing, in the making at best, People in high places, wanna see if you can pass this test..People more ignorant..getting way mean, Minorities out~ raged regarding Trayvon Martin, I mean boiling, on steam!
How many more innocent will die from the hand's of hatred and greed, when will the people get the justice that they need?
What if it were your child, with blue eye's and white skin, What if he'd been killed by some old ass black man.. Where then would that black man be? I'll tell you where... Up unda the penitentiary, almost dead..barley breathing..hardly talking, and half ass seeing, because he's been beaten on the way to jail, no need to burn him down at the stake..he's already entered hell, already been convicted, damn sure ain't makin bell.

 So tell me Mr and Mrs Judicial System, why the double standard, and do you believe you have failed.. failed the people of all races, failed the people of all places..failed every Nation with unique faces!! The great land of Milk and Honey built on Greed, Hate, Power, and Money! A place where one has the "Right?" of freedom of speech, freedom of choice..a land where you "Assure" me that I most absolutely have a voice, in the say, of the "Law's" of  our land, but yet, you look at me, dead square in the eye's all while marinating on some devastating tragedy, that you have planned.

You shout to the hill top to trust you..let you in..smiling to the camera's and the World..passing off as our friend.. If you thought this World was bad now..Just you wait and see, when the shid really hits the fan, you'll be begging that someone puts you out of your misery.. Times are getting harder, better they are not..Stand for something, 'and give it all you got..don't sit back and be one of the one's who just sat and watched the world rot!!

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