Monday, July 22, 2013

The Rise And Fall Of This Nation!

We have all seen the rise and  fall of a Nation, that at one point we might have called fair, but what happens when the land we live in becomes so corrupt, that we as citizens become afraid of the land that we live in? A Nation that we can no longer trust. What does that great American flag represent to you? Are we really free to make solid and sound choices for ourselves? And is there really such a thing called Freedom of speech?
I would like to think that in a time where things have gotten so out of control, that we as Americans would have the right to voice whatever it is that may be on our minds.. However, in today's society, that is not the case.

Oh sure, why not make the citizens think that their opinion matters?, their vote matters, that we as Americans as a whole matter,But have we been shown something entirely different over the past decade? We have seen the mass destruction that can be created, produced, and at times, even man made. Have you ever just sat and thought what has been the reasoning for all the terrible things that we as a Nation have witnessed over the last decade? 9/11, Shootings in malls, Movie theater's, Schools, humans eating other humans alive and Even or judicial system.

Are we now embarking on a time of "Marshall Law" yes people, that may be very well just where we are headed! Explore this thought if you will, Police running through your home in Swat gear with search and seizure in mind and there isn't a damn thing that you can do to prevent it from happening, being locked and forced to stay inside of your homes.. Has our society gotten so far gone that in the near future the people will be begging our Government to micro~manage the way we live?

We are living in horrific days, when there is talk of taking Elementary and High School children out of the Public Schools and educating them in the privacy of our homes.. I can assure you people that these day's Will Not Get Better, things will only get worse from here..
Tell me, are you prepared to repeat history?

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