Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Marital Affairs Is A hot and steamy sequel, Don't miss just how hot this Sequel Gets!

I am most known for writing, let's just say I tend to tread on the darker side of reality..Today, I'm going to try something new..Please enjoy..

He kissed her, and her body begin to shiver, all she wanted to know, was if he could deliver.. Bound and chained to everyday life, she was accustomed to being the boring ass wife! No fun, no excitement..damn sure no sex..the closest she got to phuckin was through some shitty ass text.
Her husband felt this would bring excitement to the two..but in the back of her mind..she was all about through..

He cheated, he lied, sometimes he would not return home..but her good ole saying was.."Leta stray dog roam" She knew in her mind that it wouldn't be long..She was a woman who demanded new needs, she fantasized about the days she would aim to please, the next man, the new man, that she would eventually meet, she had visualized bringing him to his knee's.

She fantasized of caressing his strong, masculine skin, she dreamed of kissing him softly, as he caressed her within,she moaned slightly and this time there was no need to pretend..She nibbled on his ear as his Cologne danced through her nose, his hands begin to fumble as he tried taking off her cloths..She closed her eye's as she reached for him below, "she thought to herself..lord knows I'm no hoe, but if this keeps going at this rate, I'm going to give him just what he came here for"

He softly kissed her breast..round nipples and all..he could feel that she was getting wet,
Something like a water fall..hot..wet and tight..he wanted to taste it all.. He dropped to his knees as if he knew he would aim to please..bringing the woman that he was pleasing down to her knees..

She clasped her knees so that his head was locked..it was delicious, she didn't want him to stop! not now..it can't end. Now telling him to lye down so she could climb on top..She grabbed his man hood and slowly led him inside..fast then real slow..she thought "he's gonna love this ride" He moaned, he kissed her even called out her name..this high speed chase she took him on, was driving him insane..he kissed her neck and then her lips..all while holding down her frame..he tried to say it low, but he in fact..called out her name..

It was insane..it was intense..the size of his man hood didn't make sense.. Shid got hot kinda out of control..he flipped her on her stomach and tried to beast phuck that hole.. It was deep..it was hot..boring, this man was not.. he began to do things only seen on t.v...Then he shocked her with a move that she was hardly able to believe....

Stay tuned for "Marital Affairs" series coming Every Tuesday of each week.


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