Friday, July 12, 2013

In The Case Of Trayvon Martin!?!

  1. Was this a case of racial profiling, or merely a case of self defense? Jurors went into deliberation today and are still deliberating at this time. Will this be another Casey Anthony case? And if Zimmerman walks, will this be another Rodney King,scenario? This may very well turn out to be the  case of the year and could be very disastrous for those looking to seek revenge for Trayvon Martin, If no conviction is rendered. African Americans, have seen these type of assaults in prior years, such as in  the Rodney King case and the many more that just absolutely, have not made it in the media, why is that?
      Let's dwell on that for just a moment can we? While there is so much up~roar Why does the Media and whomever else, exploit the murdering of a young African American by a person of white skin, but thousand of brother's are killed on a daily basis by the hands of another black man and the media could care less--

    You won't see TMZ nor Bossip Magazine, beating down Lil Ray Ray's door to find out why "Hoss" was shot execution style, in his own front yard, in front of his wife and kids.Nooo, you won't see that at all, However,.. what is put in plain view for the world to see.. Society will continue to ignore and sweep the bad under the rugs and sell the dream, that this world is peaches and cream.. Let's pray that for Trayvon's family, that justice will be served.

    "Mom $ Dad

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