Sunday, July 14, 2013

George Zimmerman, And The Not Guilty Verdict!!

This is what the Minority Citizens of this great big land of America can now expect from our ever so great Judicial System.. As a Minority, they can expect to be a victim of a hate crime, they can also expect to be disrespected by a member of the Caucasian, and any other race that hates someone all due to the color of the skin they wear, and know that there will be no punishment for the inappropriate behavior that they have displayed, simply because in today's society and the way that the world thinks.." If it's white, then it got's to be right" If you don't speak as they speak or act as they act, well then in fact, you have posed a threat, a threat to anyone banking on you being dummied down to the destructive way's of this world,  how on earth could you be a part of any Revolutionary Movement?

George Zimmerman walks, he is a free man today while a 17-year-old boy lies 6' feet deep in his grave. He will never be allowed the chance to fulfill his dreams. desires, nor his goals. That young man will never have the chance to grow into a man and tell his pop's "Man, thank you, for being a real man, and taking an active role in raising me with my mother, Thank you for teaching me the way, Thank you for instilling good morals and values inside of me..all of those thing's made me the man I am today."

You see, as a Minority, those things become very important, because in a world that spins so slow, where one has to work extra hard at whatever it is that they do to prove to themselves that they are worthy, to prove to you, that they in fact belong in this great ole land of milk and honey, just like the next great man.. George Zimmerman took that gift away from Treyvon and his parent's the night he was shot and murdered, and the thought of any Judicial Justice for Treyvon and his family is now a distant memory.

Where do we go from here, will the minorities of America ever see a fair fight or is it just a lost cause..Was this a case of racism that lead to murder or was Zimmerman protecting himself? If you followed the trial, then you be the judge of those two questions. Are the people of America concerned about just on where we are headed as a society..?

For now we all must continue to fight for the right thing and don't let the wrong decision of our great Judicial System take you out of character..That's just what their banking on!!
Aaahh..Yes, before I forget, is anyone else talking about the infamous wink between Zimmerman and his Lawyer after the verdict was rendered?

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