Thursday, July 18, 2013

Drugs, Alcohol, Women and a Whole lot of Being Turned up, Sounds Like The Life Of a Rock Star right? Close. Try Hip~Hop Artist B~Hype The Verbal!!

Drugs, alcohol, women, and a whole lot of being "Turned Up!" Sounds like the life of a Rock Star right? Close. How about the life of Hip~Hop Artist, B-Hype, Twista's long time Hype man. We all have seen B-Hype get the crowd turned up as his Partner tears the stage up with his tongue twisting lyrics, but what I bet you didn't know was that B-Hype has a mouthful of his own lyrics to twist up.. With his new single "Want Me" climbing quickly to the top of the charts, he is sure to be heard on every Dj's play list and damn near everyone's sound system.

Normally when you hear Hype's name you instantly think of Twista, however B-Hype made an impression on me when I met him last year at "Stoney's,"where he and Twista had been performing.
In almost an instant, I was captivated by the humbleness he had displayed. Never once making one feel uncomfortable.

One would hardly believe that the long time friend and Hype man of Twista, at one point battled an addition with Heroin. For those of you that may not be familiar with this debilitating drug, it is deadly, and few survive the losing battle of this addiction. You become fixated on self and how you can get that next high, nothing else matters, it's as if, your body and soul craves it's very existence and without it, your body begins to hurt, shut down, the slightest touch to the body can be very painful, the withdrawals alone can send a sober person to their death bed.

During B~Hypes battle with his addiction he began to isolate himself, not wanting to be around other's, because at one point in his life, the only thing that mattered was the drug..Although Hype had no desire to shoot the drug up, he utilized the drug in other way's. B-Hype's addiction began when his father passed away at the ripe age of 17-years-old.. Hype, spoke of how the drug took control of his body, and rejected the drug before his mind did..With really no support system, but his sister Keshaw Euell, whom he speaks of in such a loving manner, Hype knew all too well that it was time to let go of that monster of a drug that would eventually claim his own life if he didn't straighten up.

Today, Hype has been clean and sober for over 15-16 years now, and states that he is happier now, although he does state in earlier years he was also happy with all the touring that he and Twista were both doing, but today he is happy that he is now able to trust again.

B-Hype's message for anyone trying to break through those industry bars, is " If you put your mind to it, you can do anything you desire, because the mind is a powerful weapon!"
I would have to say I agree.

B-Hype at the conclusion of this interview wanted to send much love out to Twista and the "GMG" family as well as his loving sister Keshaw Euell.

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